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The Best Blacksmith Forge Blower Money Can Buy | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject The Best Blacksmith Forge Blower Money Can Buy? Are you looking to see forge price? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

The Best Blacksmith Forge Blower Money Can Buy | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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The Best Blacksmith Forge Blower Money Can Buy
The Best Blacksmith Forge Blower Money Can Buy

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Roy has a hand crank coal forge but he just kitted it out with a quiet NEW coal forge blower. If you are looking for an electric forge blower for sale, this one is definitely worth it’s salt!

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On/Off Switch
Extension Cord

Video on previous Blower:

COMMENT: Do you have a hand crank blacksmith forge blower? If so, what brand and how do you like it? Or do you have an electric blacksmith forge blower?


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  1. Could you explain about the air gate and how works with the blower? Was wondering if it's used for variable air control.
    Thanks. Great videos.

  2. So I just rebuilt my forge. The fire pot is 12inchesX12inchesX9inches deep. I have 3inch black pipe as a tuyere. And the little haird dryer is not cutting it as im finding out. How much air do I need for my size fire pot?

  3. I used a compressor and forced all the air it put out into the forge and it got so hot that the metal tubing directing the air into the forge melted. 😬
    Now I'm considering that should I just made that tubing out of rock or clay so that I can keep using my super forge or do I downgrade my air flow so that things don't melt. 🤔

  4. Thank you for the video Roy!
    I'm in the middle of building my first forge and am more than likely going to try out this blower.

    I have a question. I'm currently at the point of making my tuyere, and I was wondering a couple things. Is there an optimum distance down from the bottom of the firebox that I should weld up the air inlet pipe from the blower? And is there an optimum distance between the blower and the down pipe?

    I could just wing it and say "this looks good", but I'm trying to not cut corners and would like the best performance I can get from this forge as I'm learning the art of blacksmithing and advance my abilities to make my metal art even better. I am also building this forge for a lifetime of use.
    If you're able to help that would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you and keep up the awesome content!

  5. Just installed mine this evening on my coal forge and I believe it is going to work great. I'm definitely going to have to install a damper on the blower intake because this fan really pushes the air.

  6. What flow rate do I require for forging
    Would 3 5 cubic metres per min be ok or is it too much

  7. Is there a preferred inwc measurement for running with coke/coal, trying to get things balanced out a bit to save on fuel and steel, no luck finding the info on line yet?

  8. coke for the time being so hashtage coke addict, and you say its not harmful like coal with the sulpher, well just dont snort up this coke ;0 heh

  9. #Royisawesome. Thank you thank you thank you! I have been asking around and looking for a couple years for the cfm of a blower motor to give me a range to dial my blower into. Thus far I haven't been able to buy a proper forge blower and have to use used furnace parts. Thanks so much for the info Roy

  10. I use a small hand-cranked blower for my brake rotor forge; I don’t have electric in my little smithy, so hand-crank is what I need. The blower is from an off-brand rivet forge I found; the hearth was rusted out but the blower just needed a good cleaning.

  11. Just realized why my forge welding is so hard, not enough air from the bathroom fan…Thanks Roy.

  12. Great video Roy and nice choice on the blower, Dayton's are good quality at a very fair price!

  13. Looks good, nice simple little unit, any risk of embers falling down the blower pipe once it's turned off? Any plastic parts?

  14. Hello Roy, great video as usual, always to the point clear and precise words. Please keep your videos coming really enjoyed. Geoff Lewis, Wales, UK. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  15. Won't covering the intake load the motor causing premature failure? The Amazon link shows a variable speed controller which could be purchased with the fan. I believe this would be a better option.

  16. Thanks for another great video.
    #questionoftheday instead of to round plate to control airflow could you wire the blower to a household dimmer switch to control blower speed and air flow?
    Pros and cons of this?
    Thanks keep up the great videos.

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