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The best small camper for your money? Rustic Trail Teardrop | Best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject The best small camper for your money? Rustic Trail Teardrop? Are you looking to see cheap teardrop trailer? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

The best small camper for your money? Rustic Trail Teardrop | List of best garden tools for you.

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The best small camper for your money? Rustic Trail Teardrop
The best small camper for your money? Rustic Trail Teardrop

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Is this the best pound for pound, dollar for dollar that money can buy? It certainly has our attention and we’ve loved owning it for the last year. It’s hand built right in North Carolina by a family owned business who stands behind their product. Tag along as I do a brief walk thru of their Kodiak Stealth camper and their website; .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

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  1. I really like that kodiak. If I could put a bunk bed above the queen bed i could actually fit maybe kids with us lol.

  2. A year later, the Koala stealth is now $2500 more. I guess I have to hurry and get mine before the price continues to rise

  3. NOPE. I'm all for helping small business and buying American, BUT FIFTEEN MONTHS to spend $16,200 + tax + license + delivery for something that appears to be sitting on a $350 Harbor Freight trailer?

    Why would anyone spend $12,000 + tax/license & delivery on a trailer that doesn't even have LIGHTS!?!

    Hiker Trailers start at $3,000 and are obviously better built. In Denver, Colorado.

  4. Yea I'm definitely never going to pay 20 + thousand for anything without a bathroom. I don't understand the backwards engineering these days. You should all be pushing for smaller trailers with everything a house could imagine. Instead you literally are selling expensive tents basically. My SUV is more comfortable with a twin mattress in the back than your 20 thousand dollar camper. Blows my fucking mind. Just kills me. No sink. No toilet. No way to cook food at all. No way to store food because there's no fridge. If I bought this expensive she'll that cannot move on its own, I'd drop another grand or 2 on appliances that should already be stock. I can literally find RVs with more for less than what you're pushing this thing for. Hell, if I go to blitz in salem oregon I can buy 3 dumpster fire campers for the price of one of these.

  5. That's a really nice little trailer but I don't know if I'd call it a "teardrop". That's just me.

  6. No heat means no cold weather camping, No camping in any of the mountains out west where elevations cause it to get down in the 20s and 30s at night even in July.
    I can't see spending that kinda money and being that limited as to where I can camp.

  7. that would be cool for quick weekend fishing trips with my 8 yr old. Really neat. Better than a tent

  8. I like the entire concept, except you need to shower at least once a week. How can I stay clean (no sponge baths)?

  9. Lots of Sasquatch and Dogman encounters in Pilot mountain and Mount Airy.. Very true story.

  10. Great! I have been looking for an economical camper like that. I'm from NC and like the idea of buying from someone local

  11. Enjoyed your video, but a Teardrop MUST have a galley kitchen and you can't standup inside to be called a teardrop. This is a nice camper.

  12. I wish they would make these with sit down wet baths. I understand you can't get a stand up shower but why not make a sit down version

  13. Looks like Great quality. I would love to redesign and move the counter to the back and add the Gally . Need a kitchen/storage area outside!!!!!

  14. Quality looks good but the design?!
    The back extends to the rear and overhangs the "bumper"!
    Why not bring the back of the camper straight down from the most rearward point and have even more storage which could be accessible from either the outside or the inside?

  15. Better than the last teardrop I saw a video for, but that's not much of a contest since that thing was basically a bed with an enclosure around it and some cabinets.

    I know it's not a lot space, but I might could think of some ways to improve on it a bit to add more functionality. For example, ya might could replace that normal window AC unit with one that can also do heat to get both features without losing space.

  16. Once again american trailer manufacturers just can't seem to go the extra mile and put decent long lasting frames on their trailers. Does this come with either a galvanized or aluminum frame as an option. If not this trailer well not last a lifetime as the frame will rust out. Until we here in the US start demanding better quality in our products we will get 2nd class products compared to other countries.

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