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The BEST soft MOTORCYCLE LUGGAGE on the Market. You probably never heard of! | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject The BEST soft MOTORCYCLE LUGGAGE on the Market. You probably never heard of!? Are you looking to see best dry bags uk? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

The BEST soft MOTORCYCLE LUGGAGE on the Market. You probably never heard of! | List of best hand tools for you.

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The BEST soft MOTORCYCLE LUGGAGE on the Market. You probably never heard of!
The BEST soft MOTORCYCLE LUGGAGE on the Market. You probably never heard of!

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A recap on LOMO motorcycle luggage, and a look at their latest Expedition grade Crash bar mounted adventure dry bags. featuring my mates BMW R1250GS ADVENTURE!
Crash bar mounted dry bags.
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best dry bags uk

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  1. Just looked at the Lomo website and their kit appears to be out of stock until Aug 2021. Shame

  2. This was my choice, however they ended up cancelling my order because after it was dispatched, it was returned to them because the European carrier (Spanish?) refused to accept the shipment and as I am in Spain, I was out of luck…..

  3. Excellent video. Just bought myself a pair of the crash bar bags and large panniers bags too. I hope they are as good as everyone says 👍

  4. Had both the crash bar and pannier bags and they are great value even sent to Australia. The crash bar bags actually hold a 2 x 5 litre jerry cans which is great giving the large distances travelled here.

  5. Great video (as usual). I am trying to visualize if these crash bar bags could be mounted on the looped style crash bar for the RE G5 as sold by Hitchcocks? Can anyone relate an experience or render an opinion on this? Thanks!

  6. FYI, Trip Machine is now making a saddlebag that will fit onto the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. They are taking pre-orders right now with a 15% discount.

  7. Thank you for this, I have been looking for a tank bag for my rd250 and looking at their web site they seem to the perfect one for me , at a sensible price and size

  8. I'm curious about the larger size bags that you mentioned. I have a Street Twin and I'm looking for soft luggage options without the need for a saddle stay or frame. Please suggest something suitable for me!

  9. Loving your video's Stuart, thankyou 😀
    Reaching my Septuagenarian birthday in December, I'm hoping to purchase my second only new motorcycle, my last newie was August 1979, a Suzuki GS1000EN which I spent a month, 2 up on a camping holiday.
    This time my purchase choice is the Interceptor and do UK camping/ B&B shorter exploration trips and maybe into Europe, who knows.
    Would you be able to advise on suitable luggage please.
    Also, I've always admired the police motorcyclists riding gear, have you any views on practical riding gear please.
    Many thanks, Dave

  10. I have a 40 L roll top bag from Lomo great bag plan on buying another for the TT next year👍

  11. I'd have loved it if there was a nice Royal Enfield key fob flapping about on that BMW!
    Another beautifully shot and usefully informative video, Stuart, thank you. I'd heard of Lomo, but didn't know how highly rated they were – excellent recommendation there, and reinforced in the comments section; good to know.
    Cheers U Stu

  12. First, great edit! You've outdone yourself, Uncle Stu! The drone shots are especially striking! To business: I purchased the Lomo Dry Bag Motorcycle Panniers and the non-magnetic tank bag. When they arrived, I quickly realized that I should've purchased the crash bar bags. Try as I might, I just couldn't get the pannier bags to fit on the INT650. They're absolutely eee-normous. So large are they, that it has proven extremely challenging to even return them. Guess I'll try to sell them. Any takers? They're beautiful bags well suited for long distance adventure touring.
    As for the tank bag, I use it everyday for commuting et. al.. It is durable, roomy and totally waterproof. My complaint is that one of the rear fast clips is sub par and, as such, is prone to unbuckling when I'm under way. No bueno. The clip also prevents adequate tightening of the straps. As a result, the bag flops around a bit which can be distracting. I've been unable to find a suitable clip replacement so I put up with it. In other news,
    I've been shopping for hard shell panniers for the 650 with no luck. It seems that some significant modification will be required in order to fit a pair. Sorry about the long comment. If you made it this far, thanks for indulging me. Love the videos !

  13. Have had these crash bar bags on the Honda CB500X for more than a year now in the wet west of Scotland ,{where they were designed and built} and cannot praise or recommend both the build quality and waterproofness enough. I reckon that value for money this company is top of the class.Have a SW Motech rolltop drybag for the back of the bike which is good, but probably 75% of the quality and twice the price of the LOMO gear. Check out their website, you wont go wrong. !!!

  14. I have the Lomo bum bag great bit of kit and 💯 waterproof cheap of chips but quality products 👌

  15. On my Kawasaki W800 Street, the Canadian company, Gears, is superb. I got the Gears Voyager bags and am very impressed with their style, quality and low price. They go well with the lines on my bike and have proven to work well and keep their good looks. Highly recommended. Not "dry bags " as such, but I have not had any water problems with them ( I don't much like the looks of the dry bags on my bike).

  16. I've been using a pair of their crash bar bags on my Himalayan since around January. I use them to carry spare tubes, tire irons, patch kit, pump, etc, in one, and my tool roll in the other, with room to spare. I really like them. I recently purchased a set of their medium sized panniers (13L each) for another bike and like them a lot for day trips and just everyday practicality. But now I see that they've come out with an even larger set (30L each), that would be really nice for longer trips where I wanted/needed extra capacity for gear. The prices are outstanding on these bags. Unfortunately, their shipping rates to the states sort of offsets this when compared to other nice waterproof bags like the Tusk Pilots and/or the Nelson Rigg Sierras… As I already have a set of each of the latter, while I'm tempted by Lomo's new larger size, I'm not sure I'll buy them… If not for the shipping to the US though, they are an absolute STEAL for the quality!

  17. Hi Stuart,Got a Lomo dry bag for my solo trips some time ago, its great. love it! also just bought a Kaweco Brass fountain pen, I was researching them recently and you put me on to them . Nice to see right foot down !!!!!

  18. Ive a pair of the crash bar bags on my Himalayan and ive been very impressed with them. Ive also one of their drybags and again im very happy with it.Id have absolutely no hesitation buying or recommending them.

  19. I have a Large yellow Lomo dry bag which will hold all of my camping gear on the back of the bike, It still does the job 9years down the line.

  20. Your video is timely! I just received a pair of these yesterday for use on my Tiger’s crash bars. Honestly, It took me a bit of fiddling to get them on and off, but that may be a deterrent to potential thieves. They are of high quality construction, and seem to be water tight and virtually bulletproof. I can see where they will absolutely provide some added protection for the bike in case of a spill. I am looking forward to road testing them during the coming months!

  21. Thanks Stuart. I'm one of those who is not familiar with the Lomo brand. Will definitely check it out. Good video. Cheers, 👍🇨🇦

  22. This question always bothered me. Do saddle bags cause drag on underpowered motorcycles?

  23. I am intrigued. I see a lot of stuff that I like on their site.

    I believe when it comes to carrying stuff safely on a trip practicality >> style.

    If I had that nice backpack (Daysack) I might have saved my new, stupidly expensive MacBook, some (at this point mostly cosmetic) water damage the other day (it was quite an unbelievable downpour and my Samsonite backpack was alas not up to the task).

    Of immediate interest is the tank bag. It will solve the issue of keeping my phone (doubles as my gps) dry and charged (via a power bank in the bag) on my winter rides.

    Would you say that the magnetic one would be a good fit for my speedmaster (Have you fitted that particular one to a bike) ? The tank should be similar and slightly larger than your Bobber. I am thinking that the more stable (not moving around) setup would minimise any possible abrasion to the tank? Or do you think that the strap version would be a better choice?

  24. Does LOMO ship products to India if we happen to order? I just went to their website but am not sure!

  25. I bought a big lomo dry bag and lomo panniers after seeing some of your videos. I’ve been on a ten day and a seven day camping trip with them so far, with my two children too. Lomo stuff is brilliant. I bought it all from amazon. I didn’t know until afterwards that it’s always that sort of price!

  26. I bought a large LOMO roll bag for a bike trip around Nevada, Arizona, Utah & Colorado. The bag was tough and you didn’t need to nurse it or care for it, just roll it down and strap it on. It also made a terrific adjustable bum stop. Honestly, it was perfect for the job.
    PS, it was hot as hell and didn't rain except for one lunch time in Colorado lol

  27. I wish Lomo would bring out something akin to the Blaze saddlebag pannier rack jobbies for my Speed Twin. I'd happily buy into their kit then.

  28. Another good subject buddy, I saw your last one on these, and as I was planning a long trip, I went out a bought a full set for my bike, which was then a WeeStrom. Of course COVID reared it’s ugly head, and my trip was cancelled. I then sold my Suzy and bought a Zontes T310. The crash bar bags work a treat, I haven’t got rear Racks on the new bike yet, so haven’t used the Pannier bags. But as you have said, they are really well made. My new bike is great value for money, and so are these bags., I love ‘em! Keep up the good work Stuart. Can’t wait for your next offering.👍

  29. I no what to buy for my benelli scrambler next year when I purchase it hopefully roll on next spring

  30. Plus they’re made in Scotland! Their place is just round the corner from Victor Devine’s in Glasgow.

  31. Brilliant video as always Stuart and these bags are an absolute steal at the price 😮👍🏻

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