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The Marines' firepower of choice | Latest information about hand tools for you.

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The Marines' firepower of choice

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David Martin reports on the latest weapon of the U.S. Marine Corps – the M4 rifle – and about the special relationship Marines have with their firearms. ..

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  2. “A weapon to a marine is the difference between life and death”

    This just in ,the dessert is dry

  3. The length between his eye is to the sight is a bit worrying, but I also don't know much about guns so.

  4. If I was a marine I would want to use the type of M16 they used in the Vietnam war strapped on my back with a M249 SAW in my hands and a DeathStroke costume

  5. Funny, they are fighting against AK 47 with high tech weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan, after they feel fight.

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