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The ONE Detailing Tool We Must Have | Detail Faster and Easier on Each Car | List of best hand tools for you

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The ONE Detailing Tool We Must Have | Detail Faster and Easier on Each Car | Newly updated handsets.

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The ONE Detailing Tool We Must Have | Detail Faster and Easier on Each Car
The ONE Detailing Tool We Must Have | Detail Faster and Easier on Each Car

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Sprayers we use:
iK 1.5 pump sprayer:
Marolex pump sprayer:
Kwazar Mercury Pro:

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  1. I'm going to start a Pump Sprayer Association For Detailers, haha. All links are in description box!

  2. i use a battery power sprayer with 1 charge i can use it for about 3 days and i do commercial window tinting so i spray alot.

  3. The Government gets Tools Products and Uses them for everything. As everything becomes a Nail. Look at SWAT. So you are saying the Government is wrong? Lol

  4. I honestly just use the ik foamer for wheel cleaning, it stays on longer so gives more time to break down the grime dirt and brake dust etc. Which in turn lets me use less product. Cut my time a lot. Then again, it depends on what works for you, everything else is spray since it's not me using my trigger finger to soak everything but mist

  5. You forgot to mention 1 thing. That is that pump sprayers can turn some products that are high foaming by nature and make them nearly unusable or extremely wasteful to the point where it’s actually counterproductive to use them in a sprayer i.e. Meguiars D143 Wheel & Tire Cleaner.

    I tried using that in a pump sprayer and all it sprayed was foam and used a Ton of product. I went through 1 sprayers worth and said never again.

  6. I do rinseless wash every week in garage. I switched the pump sprayers to electric sprayers except ones that have foam capabilities, so I only kept one pump sprayer (Brake Buster). Using rinseless and claylube products in electric sprayer is much easier since I can top it up without needing headspace for air. 1L bottle can cover a whole car for pretreatment in less than 3 mins without having to pump anything. For QD and spray coating I still use with spray bottle to spray on-wipe off and avoid high spots and streaks from overusing.

  7. What's that greenMitt your using to clay I need to get one,I've been using clay bar and you know that you have to fold and it's small to do a big portion body part on the vehicle

  8. Pump sprayer is good t use in big area's as regular sprayer for small area, faster with the pump sprayer but I haven't get mines yet😅but I will,it make it easier like you said

  9. I also use “double action triggers” that spray both when u press and release the trigger, they are awesome😊

  10. I ha e my garage hooked up with nozzles all over the walls sticking out from the walls it's controlled with buttons a full blast I have 30 nozzles that I wets my car then it foam blast it I leave it with the foam for Abit then I foam blast it again like I rinse it I leave the water rinse it from my nozzles I have all over the walls seali for 10 min straight and it ri sea the car I leave go eat come back and just finish rinsi g it then my nozzles air blow it with the garage close and I've never put a swirl on my black g35

  11. I keep all my products I use In 5 spray bottles and they all fit in a 5 gal bucket with my soap and brush and clay, if I had pump sprayers they definitaly wouldn’t fit in my bucket I would need a wheel barrow lol

  12. So … bottom line … for us mere mortals, all said and done, just go get some $6.00 spray bottles.

  13. I have both IK & marolex & I really like these, I have a ceramic coated car so I use these with chemical guys hydro suds & it cleans very well

  14. How long do you keep the pressure in your marolex for? It says not to keep it pressurized for too long to prevent damage, do you let it sit for sometime and depressurize?

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