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The Self-Heating Instant Hot Pot that Cooks Itself! | Newly updated garden tools

Are you searching for the subject The Self-Heating Instant Hot Pot that Cooks Itself!? Are you looking to see hot pot pot? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

The Self-Heating Instant Hot Pot that Cooks Itself! | Best hand tools for you.

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The Self-Heating Instant Hot Pot that Cooks Itself!
The Self-Heating Instant Hot Pot that Cooks Itself!

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I tried the Haidilao Self Heating Hot Pot. Crazy how this thing heats itself. Watch me unbox and assemble the thing to watch it self heat! I also take apart the heating pouch to see what’s in it. Check out what it tastes like to see if you want to try this out for yourself before plopping down the money as it’s a bit expensive for an instant meal.

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  1. What did you think of the noodles? I’ve read on other instant hot pot reviews the noodles can be plastic like and not edibles.

  2. I just went to that Amazon link and the self heating hotpot is $23 bloody hell, here at my local Chinese grocery store in Australia this hotpot cost $16 and I thought that was expensive but $23 US on Amazon, that's ridiculous what you guys have to pay for it, although, I suppose it's pretty good when you consider that you can have a hot meal anywhere and at anytime as long as you have that hotpot and a bottle or 2 of water.

  3. This was exactly what I was looking for. I misplaced the instructions for the hot pot, also appreciated the walkthrough as I wasn’t sure where was the water fill line in the black container because it wasn’t clearly marked, at least for English

  4. It said to put the white box in the black box quickly after you put the self-heating pad. You just waited a minute, literally.

  5. I tried this noodle with vegetables flavour this is really horrible taste to much raw pepper I just waste my money I put all food in bin I never recommend people for this noddles 👎

  6. . I throw all in been . Worst my money .i try this noodle with vegetablesflevour .but this worst meal I eve have my life .its too much pepper

  7. Does it have to be refrigerated if not this would be great meals for the homeless who don't have access to much they can just get water from a restaurant bathroom and have a meal

  8. He looks so inexperienced with hot pots as he’s eating this lol… idk why, but I get that awkward “I’m trying this for the first time and not very confident” feeling .. but I do wanna hunt this down and try it now so thanks for the video ☺️

  9. What happens if i overfilled the black bowl to the top basically and the two waters mixed

  10. The ‘heating element’ is also known as a flameless ration heater, since it has been invented for the army.

  11. I was expecting a big price , bro we pay 11 for coffee lol ,ima be moving from Ireland soon hahah

  12. Reconstituted meat. It is the worst kind of meat. By the way, how much plastic are you ingesting by eating this?

  13. I just tried this and even as a person with a high tolerance for spice it's not my cup of soup. And tbh, it doesn't taste half as good to me as normal instant noodles.

  14. there’s different versions of hot pot. there’s the one where u dip everything in and one where it comes w everything in it and the heat source stays on the whole time


  16. I had that exact one today, the beef one, and it was absolutely disgusting. I love spicy food, especially hot soups, but this legitimately tasted like I was poisoning myself. Will never EVER buy this again lol
    edit: the beef was the only edible thing in this and it tasted just like meat from an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) from the military. An MRE tastes way better than this, and that's saying a lot.

    edit 2:

  17. Nice innovation. It produces far too much plastic waste. But it was worth a try. The process is interesting and the quality of the vegetables is very good. There is just one problem, it was spicy as hell 🥵

  18. The one we made today was the same as this but it was in chinese.
    This was cool but was wondering how poisonous the aluminum in the heating bag is. It's expensive but really neat.

  19. that is i bough it at my conor asian market for 500 peso = to about 5 us$ im in the dom,rep.

  20. I'm watching this while trying the tomato flavor with sweet sausage! The one I'm eating is so yummy!

  21. Just had this hot pot,
    it's absolute garbage.
    The meat and the veggies on their own are pretty good, the noodles are pretty flavorless, but by far the worst thing is the spices – it tastes terrible.
    The spice is flavorless and almost has a soapy aftertaste – without it the whole hot pot is barelly better than most instant noodles you can get for a fraction of the price.

  22. You're depressing to watch you axt like a caveman that just learned everyone else has had fire for years and you just learned about it

  23. The heating packs are also used in MREs. It's so self explanatory but you have a problem with something so simple

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