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Bilstein B16 (F3X RWD)
Bilstein B16 (F3X AWD)
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Tools you will need
Spring compressor
Shock/ strut installation tools
Spindle spreader tool
Metric sockets
E Torx sockets
Torx bits
Torque wrench
Impact wrench
Jack & jack stands

F30 Build
Car Cleaning Supplies
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In this video, I install Bilstein B16 coilers on my BMW 340i. According to many reviews, these are one of the best options for the F30 platform.

A few tips if you plan to install them at home. Give yourself plenty of time. If it’s your first time installing suspension, it will take 6-8 hours. There are a few steps that will be much easier if you have a second person who can help. An impact wrench is a must have for this project. A penetrating oil like Liquid Wrench is your best friend for stubborn suspension bolts.

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  1. With the coilovers at the lowest setting and after settling overnight, the car is 1.75 inches (4.5 cm) lower both front and rear.

  2. Is there any coilovers that will not disable the adaptive system from the manufacturer? Mine is F30 330i

  3. For a 16 340i drive what would be the most economical set up concerning a coil over kit? I heard blistering b8 with the eibach pro kit or hr ? Under a $1000 I believe?

  4. Justin, I have been watching your videos for quite some time now. You are awesome and your videos are very informative. However when it comes in terms of suspension, you always refer about the great improvement !!. I have yet to hear you specifying the "improvement". Is the ride better ( softer or equal ) than stock ?. Harder ( sportier ). ?? What is that "improvement". Is it what it means to you ? I am the guy that will never go 19" because of the loss of confort !! regardless of how "awesome or how "cool" x or y wheels look at that size !!!

  5. How do coilovers work with the edc dampening that these cars have? I want to get coilovers for my 340 but don’t know much about the edc or dampening

  6. Justin at 9:50 I knew exactly what you were frustrated with before you even said it !!! I spent over 2 hours trying to align both holes on my e90 and I tell you , I dropped a few f Bomb! It takes finesse but a flathead screwdriver was my best friend! I felt your pain bro ! Good video btw! 🔥

  7. Great video! How do you like the Bilstein suspension compared to the stock one after two months?

  8. Hey man, been creepin your videos since we bought the wifey certified 2018 320i . Gotta say, you probably have the easiest to watch bimmer mod videos on the Tube! Keep up the good work ! We love our car (even though it's just a base model) , but like all our past rides we have the bug to mod it up .
    The mods you've done on your car look amazing! We're wanting to do the msport body kit, upgrade to some 19in rims, lower it and do some bolt on performance goodies . I'm probably going to be that annoying guy that ask the same question as all the other fools on here , lol !
    So here's another question that you've probably already addressed either in the comments or in your videos……
    How did the Kies Motorsports msport body kit do as far as fitting up like OEM ?
    Looks great on your car in the vids , but we're hesitant to pull the trigger due to fear that something wouldn't fit clean and nice like OEM . If it fits all wonky and looks like cheap crap, then we would have rather stayed stock and of course we don't want to drop the coin that BMW wants for the factory body kit. Your thoughts?

  9. The BMW chime when you stripped the nut was triggering haha. Must be Engine light PTSD 😂
    Nice video, car is looking sweet 👌🏻

  10. This is def a two man job with out a lift, and I strip bolts all the time so I always end up buying a few extra bolts screws nuts and what else can be stripped before I start so I don’t have to leave once i do

  11. OK
    now its time to book a slot for hunter 3d wheel alignment machine
    for next time pls use new absorber bearing and rubber mounts.
    any nuts should be new too :)

  12. Justin how you like your 340! I had one as a loaner a few times and I loved it it’s a rocket. Still have my 2011 335 msport and always wanted 340, but way it’s going I’ll wait for used m340

  13. I feel your frustration Justin. It frustrated me immensely when I did AC Schnitzer springs three years ago. Only to have to redo it a month later when I had to add Bilstein B8’s.

  14. I had the B16 kit fitted to my BMW Z4 E89 model.. They are dialled in at setting 3.. What settings did you choose for your car? The B16 are apparently a big quality upgrade over the lower priced Bilstein sets… I'm not sure what makes them so much better though..

  15. HI Justin i wanted to see if you can help me fixing my headlight as the passenger side is not working. The angel eye bulb looks like it's not in its original place. I just got a e90 2009 328i

  16. Hello I love your page and your work..but I need a lil info.I got a 2018 330i and when I start it I got cold water coming out the exhaust just one side not both exhaust..can you tell me if this normal and I also see a lil brown stuff around the engine oil cap

  17. Hey one question @justinBuice can you do a video about what can I do if let say when you have a car but you have never done on oil change but then let say it times go but then when your going to do an oil change it comes that on inside your motor you see like mud like if the oil became like mud in it stock on your engine what do you do to clean it cause right now mine it like that even tho I do oil changes it won’t come clean you know

  18. Great video man! I picked up a Schwaben strut nut socket from turner and it made my coil over install so much easier and less sketch than using an impact driver.

  19. i need some help! i need a radiator for my 06 325i automatic, any recommendations where to get a good one with a good price, don’t know much about cars lol Thanks in advance!

  20. Brought back some memories. For some reason, my E90 fought me hard as well when I had to change out all 4 leaky dampers. It is like what Justin said, little things here and there are making the whole project somewhat time consuming. For me, changing 4 dampers turned into a 10-hour job and very sore arms/back the next couple of days.

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