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These 10 Types of Preppers Will Die First When SHTF | List of best hand tools

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These 10 Types of Preppers Will Die First When SHTF | Best garden tools for you.

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These 10 Types of Preppers Will Die First When SHTF
These 10 Types of Preppers Will Die First When SHTF

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Sadly every prepper won’t make it after a SHTF event. In fact many will die! Therefore, it’s important to understand why some will die and others will thrive… and this video I talk about the ten reasons most some won’t make it through a long-term SHFT event!

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I currently live on a three-acre homestead in Tennessee U.S.A… I’m a former Paladin Press best-selling author and have written three books on preparedness and self-reliance topics. I’ve also had articles published in American Survival Guide Magazine, Survivalist Magazine and Backwoodsman Magazine. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications so that you always know when I’m posting new content :)

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  1. You have to form your own community SHTF group before it happens, people that can trust each other… strength in numbers and have a lot of ammo storage

  2. what's hard about averaging 8mph on a bicycle? Are you that fat? Do you know that guys run 50 miles in 5 hours or less? It's not the bike, dude. It'the guy pedalling the bike. 2111 NW Lindy Ave, Apt A1, Lawton, OK, 73505. Any time at all, punk.

  3. You sir are a man with your head in the game, and probably one of a few that actually have the knowledge of survival

  4. Agenda 21. Really? SMH. So we can't vote for the government we want? Screw democracy then huh?

  5. Learn to eat radiation, or don't bother with all this prepping. I know that reality takes all the fun out of this. Sorry…

  6. People who are impatient, easily annoyed and with ultra rigid thought processes are going to be in a world of woe in a disaster.

  7. so. the “SHTF” crowd is such a weird pathology. short of nuclear war it ain’t likely friend. you’d be shocked at how deep the claws of law enforcement and nat guard go. if those two fail it goes straight to the USMC. this country WILL be secure – your tom cruise movie ideas are just that – fantasy

    if you’re doing this as a hobby knock yourself out. but if your worldview is really this dark you A) should not have firearms because B) it’s a cowards game to be THAT afraid. i’m sure you’ll call it strong survival instinct but all i see is fear fear fear

    have a good one frens.

  8. At minute 8:20
    ~It's not going to be that easy, preppers will be prepared~ ? ? ?

    That's your reason for not marauding, pillaging, plundering and murdering in the name of said acts…~because preppers will be prepared ~ ?

    That's all you got ?



  9. Prep for the moment that you jump into eternity…

    Question : Why something rather than nothing ?
    Answer : Because of an uncaused, non contingent, first cause of all contingency…


    What is the chief end of man ?
    Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

    Seek Christ Jesus the Redeemer

    1.The cosmological argument
    2.The contingency argument
    3.The teleological argument
    4.The ontological argument
    5.The moral argument

  10. This is the best realistic prepper video I have ever seen. Been watching southern prepper one and he’s honestly lost his damn mind since Covid.

  11. My #1 prepper rule: Don't ever let anyone know your a prepper, that includes other preppers.

  12. Everyone who is alive is a survival expert. 10 types huh? Which expert came up with this? What are your qualifications? I too have survived. Shouldn't have allowed you to waste my time. Good to know who will live and die. Whoa! Paladin Press best selling author! Can I get your autograph? Just sign it- To my good friend Rusty Shackleford.

  13. No harm intended friend, but I'm not counting on the government to help me with anything.

  14. FYI:
    This is "Not" WWII",
    In today's Technology a Satellite in Space will see "Everything".
    There's no place you can go, that Lidar and Infrared wouldn't see.
    'Now", they send a Truck loaded with Flying Bot's programmed, to wipe-out Human DNA.
    "You Loose"

    Best Place to Hide, is in Plain-Sight.
    Like a Chameleon, You Blend in, and don't stand out.
    Recommend prepping at the US Patient Web Site, Learn What You Can Do!.

  15. I live in Oregon and we had huge wildfires and the people were on their own to evacuate and find a place to stay. Then we had an ice storm with power outages. The government, etc couldn't move due to the ice and all the trees down. The all electric houses were useless. Luckily I have a wood stove and always had a kettle of hot water brewing for hot food and drink.

  16. I'm going to my cabin in the woods, deep in the woods where their is a lot of food, lots of animals and taking 20 people to help keep secure. We been working on this for a long time so whatever dude…

  17. 10:40 I bet you're the type who think Blue Live Matter too, when cops would be the only knocking on your door to take your guns away. Remeber everyone, their is no such things as a good cop. They are all government cronies.

  18. Study up on nomadic people. African tribesmen, native Americans, prehistoric man, rainforest natives and Eskimos. Stop hanging on to civilization.

  19. I hear people talking about prepping, that might work for awhile especially in a small or large group, not as an individual. We should be talking about how our government will continue after the SHTF. There are thousands, thousands, thousands, thousands of us Americans depend on our government to eat, to sleep, to have the power on, to stay healthy, when we as Americans get "SICK", get hurt, where do we go? To a government hospital. We should be talking about HOW we should keep our government running after WHEN the SHTF!!!!!! :))))) TRUST ME when I say this. It will be HELL ON EARTH if our government is gone :(((

  20. Pay attention to what he said at 11:00 to 11:30 about our government, President Biden’s plan to double the the number of IRS tax collectors is aimed at everyone. Those new IRS agents will have quotas for increasing the amount of money taken from the people of the USA, he is not bringing them on just for paperwork and policy accuracy. They are being brought on to have some ability to pay for the extra 15 trillion in new Federal debt. The US govt. is in a bad fiscal position, just imagine if the govt. can no longer pay the bureaucrats, military, police, EMS, and all the people that receive some form of govt. support all the way down to welfare and food stamp recipients. The country will implode.

  21. I refuse to accept advice from a man that is in his garage with a don't tread on me flag behind him that sounds like he should be singing in a up and coming pop/country band 😆

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