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THIS IS WHY TINTING YOUR WINDSHIELD IS A BIG MISTAKE! Widebody Hellcat Challenger | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject THIS IS WHY TINTING YOUR WINDSHIELD IS A BIG MISTAKE! Widebody Hellcat Challenger? Are you looking to see auto window tinting reviews? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

THIS IS WHY TINTING YOUR WINDSHIELD IS A BIG MISTAKE! Widebody Hellcat Challenger | Newly updated handsets.

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In this video i tinted the windshield on my Hellcat Challenger

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DISCLAIMER: Filmed in Mexico for movie purposes only. The videos are highly edited and not real. Green screen is in use during the making of the video. No Laws were broken during the making of this video.

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  1. I'm in California of all places with 5% all the way around… never had an issue with the police. I'm also DWB 🤣

  2. Go with 70% and you won’t have any issues, if that scares you they also make 80% ceramic. The windshield is the largest piece of glass in your car and you should absolutely tint it within reason.
    Statement not valid in NJ or CA.

  3. The law was good 20 years ago, but now with the blinding headlight epidemic, I think law should mandate front windshield tint.

  4. Absolutely not making this a race issue. But, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD A BLACK MAN SAY HE LOVES GETTING PULLED OVER BY THE COPS!!!!! For content!!! 😂 Na!!! WTF!

  5. It’s the black letters on the limo tint for me 😍👌🏾how much you pay to get it done like that

  6. so in your place percentage was how clear the tint was, while here we stamp that percentage based oh how dark the tint like 0 was clear and 100 was no visibility ..

  7. If you use your Hellcat as non-commercial/not for hire vehicle aka – automobile, you and Hellcat are exempt from DMV and state regulations, especially from window tint laws!
    Automobile exempt can lawfully tint front windshield. To cover your ass from car accident blame and liability due to having front windshield tinted darker like 5% or less, always have dashcam recording on and uploading to cloud or external drive. Your dashcam will prove your view behind tinted windshield did not cause you to cause a car accident and will reveal your not a fault. A member of ours is automobile exempt use of Lexus GX 470 and has their front windshield limo tinted 5% and rest of windows, he always has dashcam recording when traveling to have video proof of windshield tint does not obstruct his view and is not liable for any car accidents that may happen. Any tickets imposed over his automobile exempt status are unlawful, null & void on their face, harrassment, defamation, and violation of the peoples' right to private property/household goods/locomotion/ and to freely travel upon public roadways which are felony level offenses of misconduct.
    DMV administration and its fees are of commercial purposes of motor vehicles (commercial term for vehicle for hire), and do not apply to personal travel via automobile (non-commercial term for not for hire vehicle/personal use for travel or recreational.
    "Driver" is an occupation as to "motorist" is non-commercial. No state vehicle codes include "automobile" for it is unlawful of the state to diminish the peoples' rights and convert them into a privilege, such as a DMV driver license and car registration…both have always been and can only be of commercial purposes and is merely a prefered credential. Requiring a mere credential is a convenient way to monopolize and rig revenue generating to only the state!
    Knowledge is all the power the people need, start today and visit our FB page – Travelers' Society of California.

  8. When I had my Honda Accord coupe, they had to use black vinyl to cover the dots in the back windshield. Looked great and matched perfectly.

  9. You can tint the windshield without having a dark tint on the windshield…

    Also a dashcam would destroy their Argument that it was your fault.

  10. I got 55 on my windshield. it's hard to tell.
    Im also blind in one eye, diagnosed with lattice degeneration with holes in my good eye to boot. So I don't give a fuck about insurance. Haven't made a single claim since I got my license 30 years ago. My health and my eyes are priceless tho.
    Someone recently backed up into the side of my car in a parking lot. I was sitting inside when it happened. it was his fault. thanks to Covid, my insurance company didn't send out an adjuster, instead, they made me take pictures of the car from all sides using their app. Hard to tell from a picture if the windshield is tinted. So I guess Covid has its perks lol

  11. I think in NY you can buy a permit sticker for tints I've heard people do that they buy em from other people (they're not then real deal) but you won't get harrassment

  12. And that's why you take a picture and video from inside showing u can easily see out and take it to court

  13. What’s the best tint to get on your Front Windshield?? That’s good to see thru At night ??

  14. He said he gets paid more to make a video about getting tickets than the ticket costs hahah. Keep that up and you’ll get your license suspended

  15. Stick on window shades from autozone for rear, sides and front would be a better option! 😂😂😂 j/k. I saw a truck with those tiny shades on all windows and i almost died.

  16. i tint my front windshield on every car no matter what %5 on the sides %20 the whole windshield is a must

  17. I have a almost new Camry. And I had my front windshield tinted, just the first11inchs from the top of the windshield. It is one shade less than limo tint.
    And the back windshield is 1 shade less than limo tint. The back windows behind me is limo tint.
    This is all legal. Went to a tinting(State) station.

    I haven't had any problems yet.
    I live in N.California.

  18. I did an eyebrow about 6 inches from the top down at night i just lift my head to block the led headlights from blinding me

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