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Three Point Saddle Bend With Box Offset Bends on Both Ends: EMT Bending Combinations | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Three Point Saddle Bend With Box Offset Bends on Both Ends: EMT Bending Combinations? Are you looking to see conduit bend multiplier? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Three Point Saddle Bend With Box Offset Bends on Both Ends: EMT Bending Combinations | The Best Power Tools.

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Three Point Saddle Bend With Box Offset Bends on Both Ends: EMT Bending Combinations
Three Point Saddle Bend With Box Offset Bends on Both Ends: EMT Bending Combinations

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To make this video I used the ZoMei Z818 Light Weight Heavy Duty Portable Magnesium Aluminium Travel Tripod: Amazon.com:

This video was made using the: Transcend 64GB Class 10 SDXC Flash Memory Card (TS64GSDXC10E):

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  1. @Sparky Channel. Very educational Bill. Appreciate you not only showing the actual procedures but also how to write important notes on your mockup wall. It only adds to knowledge retention as well as make it easy to understand. Don't need to worry about missing what you said during important procedures.
    You and your family stay safe and healthy. Thank you for giving us content we can use.

  2. Great video can you tell me if there is a code reference for an EMT coupling if you have a 4" peace of EMT from the box

  3. I really like the way your professionalism, the most important part of the process is removing the pencil marks! Good job!

  4. I like how Sparky was magically able to put the conduit into two affixed exterior boxes…. Never would happen in real life…one of the boxes would have to be removed to get the conduit into the connector.

  5. A well experienced mechanic does not have to measure out or use degrees especially for a offset box bend. That waste a lot of time your way….I can do the same bending in half the time….experience rules

  6. I started doing this for work and this is so helpful. I get so nervous doing it infront of people because I feel the added pressure to do it well because it has become my primary job of doing bending. The only trouble I have is placing it in the box after doing the bending and making it fit right. I end up bending it in the middle to try to fit it between the two boxes

  7. Hi Bill,
    I was wondering if you have a video covering matching other peoples bend? If you don't and have the time would you be willing to make a video about it? For example if you're running conduit and you have to do an offset and want to match it as close as you can to the other persons bend.
    Thank You.

  8. When you do the final cut to the box you made an exact cut on the emt, is there no shrinkage on the final offset bend?

  9. really apreciate the videos…
    keep em coming.really enjoy learning from someone that knows what they are doing

  10. Hi, Sparky! I am some random electrician from across the Atlantic and I have to say you're one of the kindest people I've seen, thank you for your videos!

  11. Love all your videos. I share your videos to others wanting to learn to perfect the craft. I've only been running conduit for a couple years but I've learned a lot from your videos that I impress those around me that's been doing this for decades. It's an art form. One problem I often run into is how to account for shrink when running parallel kick 90s since the degrees vary on each kick 90 depending on kick height/depth. Want to make it look as professional as possible.

  12. Would like to have seen how you inserted the EMT into the last box on the right. You were dealing with two fixed points. I imagine you might have pulled up at the middle of the saddle bend and pushed down on the right hand end of the EMT. Just guessing.

  13. These videos are great! I have a question though, I see you are bending 1/2" EMT and was wondering if the multiplier and shrink (2.5" and 3/16") for the saddle are the same when bending 3/4"? Thanks!

  14. Bill, I feel terrible about what happened to your channel and losing almost 200,000 subscribers. All the work you put into that channel and the videos you produced is an amazing amount of work. I will like every video you produced to help spread the word.

  15. Question for you, i don't know if you've made a video of it but how do you know you are at 45°?

    Does the bottom of pipe need to touch the 45° line mark or is it supposed to be parallel to line?

    I'm having hard time being consistent with where to judge my bend amounts

  16. Bill when running traveler wires from a 3 way switch to a 4 way switch is it required to install the 2 travelers ( to the 4 way switch) in any particular manner or can they be installed on either screw. Not talking about incorrectly installing to the wrong screws. Some drawings show same colored wires to the same sides, some drawings only show black pencil lines. Hard to discern exactly the routing for the connection.

  17. Have u ever bent pipe based on the Pythagorean theorem? My friend is a union Foreman and builds high rise commercial buildings and he showed me the method. I mainly do residential builds and few commercial builds so I haven't been able to use the method.

  18. Great work Bill. Keep the videos coming. I am going to tell my apprentices about your channel.

  19. These videos are extremely informative and helpful. Thank you for taken the time to make them… Klein Tools should be sponsoring your channel since you review/demonstrate a lot of their products…

  20. Like the bending lessons bill👍 also liked your Emeril Lagasse imitation when you kept saying- bend bend bend, keep it up Bill

  21. Great video! What if the last offset is closer to the saddle and you can't get solid leverage without messing up your saddle? Do you have to do both offsets before you do the saddle? If so, how do you quickly measure it? Thanks again for the great content!

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