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Thrunite TH30: 3350 Lumens Max/Rechargable Headlamp – Preparedmind101 | List of the Best Power Tools

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Thrunite TH30: 3350 Lumens Max/Rechargable Headlamp – Preparedmind101 | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Thrunite TH30: 3350 Lumens Max/Rechargable Headlamp – Preparedmind101

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  1. Hi Chris. Great video. I am also a gear and bag junkie. I am on the same page as you. I will never ever buy or recomend a light that takes a proprietary magnetic charging cord. If I cant get an immediate replacement at wally world, or a convenience store, etc if it brakes or gets lost the light is worthless.

  2. This was my first Thrunite headlamp and it still rocks! It's not perfect: the headband could be better. And the SOS in the sequence is unneccesary. But otherwise I love it. Worth to mention is that if you have the light on at a regular mode for more than around 3 seconds it will not cycle through SOS next time.
    The user interface with memory of the regular modes and direct access to firefly and turbo is great. Micro USB may be outdated but I use to charge my batteries in a charger anyway. And if I need to I can charge with mocro USB cable, not a problem.
    Yes, for sure TH30 will serve me for years ahead!

  3. I have used this for a wide veriety of things such as taking my dog on walks at night, hiking, working on my car, and late night fishing◉◉>share4.photo/Streamlights?pq    Battery lasts for a decent time depending on how bright you set it and having a rechargeable battery is really nice on a light like this.

  4. I wonder what the temperature range to store this flashlight/battery safely per the manufacturer is. If it sits in a hot car as an emergency flashlight, would it destroy the battery quickly?

  5. Hi, does anyone know who makes a USB rechargeable right angle headlamp comparable to the Thrunite TH30? Thanks, Tony

  6. Hello. Nice review!
    The light is extremely bright, but not extremely solid. Also I have some question about the heating. With the max output of 3350 lm it's extremely warm, due to that is not good for use. I have Arrmytek Wizard Pro. I really love it, it's the best option for me, but at 2300 lm overheating goes it crazy.

  7. An indicator as to when the light is on? The solar blast coming from the side isn't enough?

    Could be useful in the event of a light malfunction though. If it's getting power but no light then it's the bulb.

  8. like the model, but cant find real use for 3K lumen+ on headlamp.I guess i'll stick to H1/H2 from Olight and nifty fenix Hl60R.

  9. Please slow down on the flashlight reviews. I buy whatever you review before I finish your video. Legit. I can't wait the 10 mins before going on to Amazon, plop in my cart and give them my money. Lol!!! You're awesome, full stop.

  10. hey chris hope you are well. can you advise me on a knife to buy that is under $50 and is similar to the gerber strongarm BUT also can do some chopping . like a mix of tactical, bushcraft, and survival all rolled into one. thats no more then a 5 inch blade so you wont get arrested carrying it in public or in your car. AND thats tough enough to survive a tip test. thanks, scott

  11. No need to run for longer than 1.5 minutes??? O contraire Mon frere! What's the point of all those lumens..if you can't use them for a reasonable amount of time. It appears thrunite is taking a page from Olight in marketing a high lumen light that can only produce it for a less than a couple minutes. Main reason why I purchase thrunite over over Olight is the longer high lumen output times. First Thrunite flashlight that I won't be looking forward to our purchasing.

  12. You run at full lumens with a head lamp at that kind of output in the woods. You’ll probably be abducted by what ever that’s been abducting hikers in national parks and forests.

  13. I wish the moonlight was higher. I like to use my headlamp to read at night and .5 just is not enough. 1or 2 allows you to read for a couple hours a night without worrying about running down your flashlight.

  14. I am gonna wait for TH 30 second Gen it they do make it….Should change the LED flash from Side to Top & add USB C

  15. I love this style of light. I just wish there was a way to incorporate a red light, or red lens, to it. Maybe in a couple of years.
    Thanks Chris

  16. I have the Wowtac A2S which I really like for a headlamp. The Wowtac comes with a 3400mah battery and 1050 lumens and 6 modes. The Thrunite 3100mah battery and turbo @3350 lumens and 7 modes. The head bands look to be identical. So as I'm comparing these two lights the Wowtac appears to have the edge in everything except lumens. Wowtac light intensity is higher @ 8230cd vs 6550cd. Wowtac distance 182m vs 155m. Then you have 2 of the most important things warranty which is the same for each and price Wowtac A2S $29.99 on their website. Thrunite TH30 Super $79.95 on their site. So when it comes to picking a light that's right for you it pays to do some research, unless you're rich lol. Thanks for the video Chris.

  17. I love it. I work for a utility company and go into alot of basements, no surprises creeping up on me….

  18. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. I like lights that have really good low output modes that can last for 5+ days straight. 99% of the time the low settings are plenty. At least for me.

  19. Interesting light I do like having a light with red light settings which is not a option. It is really bright on at the high settings good review.

  20. I think I'm going to add this to my next Christmas wish list. I was looking for something like this a bit higher end.

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