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TILE IS GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (promise) | Top best products

Are you searching for the subject TILE IS GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (promise)? Are you looking to see bluestone floor tile? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

TILE IS GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (promise) | Top best products for household.

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This is THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO TILE! 😍 💕 In this video, I cover everything you might need to know about designing with tile in your bathroom, kitchen, and living room, for ALL design styles. Interior design 2021 is full of crazy trends, especially interior design finishes, but you can go with tile for literally ALL of them! ❤️ ❤️ You guys have been looking for tile design ideas 2021 and this video covers almost every look in the book! From glazed tile, subway tile shower, ceramic tile, stone tile, and cement tile to tile flooring, tile backsplashes, glazed tile bathroom floor and other types of tile bathrooms, I really cover IT ALL! 😉👍🏻

I’m teaching you exactly how to decorate with tile. This video is perfect for those needing small kitchen interior design ideas, bathroom trends for small house, best tile for bathroom, the best tile for kitchen, and if you are considering painting bathroom walls! ✨ Taking the tile route might just be the better option! 👏🏻 👏🏻 Even if you need kitchen floor ideas on a budget, you can use accent tiles and field tiles to accommodate your wallet. No worries there! You might be wondering, what tile do I choose for modern design? Or what kind of tile makes a room look bigger? Watch the whole video to find out the best tile option for you. There are so many!

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  1. Soooo excited for this new series on FINISHES, starting with one of my FAV topics, all things TILE!!!! ❤️❤️Be sure and let me know in the comments below what finish you'd like to learn most about next… is it flooring, specialty walls, or even more about painting? Can't WAIT to hear from you!!!😘

  2. I love these videos! Can you talk more about flooring in general? What to use where- should you use multiple flooring options throughout? I love your insights and would appreciate your thoughts!

  3. I think she missed saying the Portuguese make and use the most amazing blue/white tiles, and I believe the Dutch got the idea from Portugal all those centuries ago because they loved the style and bought consinements of them.
    But in Europe started with a Spanish king who admired the arab designs and skills of tile making and expanded the craft into the Iberian peninsula. Portugal was part of Spain, also part of Spain's territories (Low Lands) were in Belgium, Luxemburg and other parts on northern Germany, as well as Holland.

  4. Hi Lisa – I've been following you every week since I found you and like so many of your fans, hang on ur every word and ur next post. Thank you for sharing and making design understandable to regular peeps like me. You are amazing and have inspired me to be brave and do! I was in the middle of planning a kitchen remodel when I started following you and you may not have known it but you have been my remodel counselor from picking paint colors (BM Swiss Mocha), understanding the "envelope", IKEA must have floating shelves, importance of lighting elements, understanding my style to the most amazing LILI tile (RISE)……..learned so much from u. I finished my kitchen project with my awesome team of local contractors and everything turned out better than I ever imagined. U ROCK

  5. Thanks for the informative video, Lisa! For anyone contemplating kitchen flooring, I would just think very carefully about stone or hard tile, at least if the kitchen really will be used for daily cooking. Those stone-hard surfaces, which have no give at all, can be surprisingly hard on the feet and knees after you've been standing for a while.

  6. Any ideas on kitchen counters on a budget? Also can a tile backsplash be saved while changing the countertops? Thank you

  7. You explained everything thoroughly & so well & I learned a lot! I can tile shop like an expert now, thank you!

  8. I have been in love with that blue fan mosaic bathroom tile forever – so beautiful in person! 😍 Thanks for all your helpful design insights!

  9. I just installed “Lili” tile as a backsplash accent above my range, beautiful! They were so helpful, and it arrived on time, really well packaged…love them

  10. Your videos are giving me some things to ponder. Plan on redoing 2 full bathrooms & a 2 piece bathroom. So many choices lol

  11. Thank goodness I’ve found you just at the right time! 🎉 I’ve moved into a small bungalow (live in the uk 🇬🇧) and I’m changing the use of every room and having an extension to make the back room one big living space (kitchen, dining and living). I don’t know why the Brits make such small houses with small rooms 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m binge watching all your videos and I’ve subscribed so hoping this process won’t be as daunting as I thought with your help. Thank you Lisa 😘

  12. That tip about the 1/16th grout line for continuous look is amazing! Redoing my tile in bathroom this fall so will be playing this on repeat. Thank you!

  13. In my country all shopping malls started fitting their floors with shiny tiles some years ago. Everyone worried that they would slip. I had a shop in one such mall for 10 years and no one ever slipped, even though they were constantly being washed. I am seriously considering replacing my floor tiles with shiny tiles as a result. They look so luxurious. Also, I personally won't go with very large floor tiles. Same shop, quite a few good quality large tiles developed fine cracks. The purpose of grout between tiles is to cater for expansion and contraction. With very large tiles, you lose out on that.

  14. Do baxksplash tile would you recommend for a white thunder granite counter (polished granite)? I was thinking white subway or, glass gray? Should there be shine to the tile? Love the video.

  15. Hi! This is kind of a general question, for Lisa or anyone else who has advice. What are your thoughts on ceiling tiles? I've got a tight little bathroom I'm designing with a sloped ceiling, so I'm going to tile the floors, walls, and ceiling. I would super appreciate any tips, tricks, or advice about do's and don'ts when tiling a ceiling! Thanks!

  16. I've never particularly fancied tile but, I swear, this video got me into it! Now I want to plan a bathroom with very cool tiles, I want to make a statement. Great video – and I love how authentic you were about your recommendations. It shows you truly use the product. Congrats on the sponsorship!

  17. I have been looking for unique kitchen backsplash and have been so frustrated with the boring selections. Thank you so much for suggesting Lilitiles!!

  18. Dear Lisa, I recently discovered your channel and I really in love ❤️ with your energy and style. I can’t stop watching your videos. Great content and very informative. Subscribed !!

  19. Hi Lisa!
    I leave in New England, what would be a good tile for outdoors to withstand our weather ?

  20. Hello Lisa mam, thanks for sharing this wonderful video. It’s really very helpful. I also wanted to know more about backsplash options. My kitchen is completely white. So can you suggest me which type of backsplash will look good on it? Plzzz

  21. Can u plz do a video on which flooring is best for anti-slippage, keeping especially in mind dogs who have trouble gripping the ground?

  22. Oh, you are the best! Tile–who knew it could be so versatile?
    I would like a video on wallpaper, please. I love it, but it can be tricky. I want to put it into a very small 1/2 bath. Can you help? Love your topics!

  23. Thanks. I needed this. I'm in the UK and trying to find tile for my kitchen. There's matt tile in the kitchen now for good reason. The kitchen is south facing with big windows and with shiny tile the blinds would have to be drawn all of the time. I'm having trouble finding matt tile just searching for matt online. Now I know to be looking for cement tile.

  24. This is so helpful. I live in a 100 year old house with original oak wood floors, except there is a newer extension at the back that I'm about to lay floor tile in. My decor style is eclectic; a bit of contemporary, mid-century, traditional and boho, unified together under one color scheme. Do you think it would be a design sin to lay concrete look-a-like large porcelain field tiles on the floor of a century old house?

  25. You’re just amazing! 🤩Honestly listening to you is like doing a course in 30 minutes! I have a kitchen and bathroom update that’s happening and I finally know what I want. I am a mid century modern/Scandinavian kind of gal. I never knew what to call it until now. Thank you 🙏🏼😘

  26. Lisa, what paint color goes with smoked ash color floor? I’m thinking on Swiss coffee because I’m so in love with that color thanks to you. I need your advised. Thank you.

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