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Tool battery keep up and maintanance | List of best hand tools for you

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Tool battery keep up and maintanance | Best hand-held repair tools.

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Tool battery keep up and maintanance

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  1. This advice is accurate. The longest lasting lithium batteries I have ever had are the two batteries that came with my cheap Black and Decker string trimmer. I have other more powerful trimmers that I use just about every week but I use the weak black and decker in certain areas where I am trying to avoid damage to the items I'm trimming around and only use it about once or twice a month depending on the season. I usually use both batteries until they're drained and the trimmer stops running. I immediately recharge the batteries when I'm finished. Those two batteries are 6 years old and still have about 90 percent or more of their original power. A full drain and recharge every month or so seems to be good for lithium batteries.

  2. I've got probably 60 batteries fully charged and been sitting for about 2 years now. Is it to late to save them ??

  3. How do you feel about storing the battery still attached to the tool?? I've heard it's fine and I've also heard don't do it. Can I get some opinions here?? I usually don't just to be safe , but I'm looking into tool storage with the use of kaizen foam and am curious as to whether i should leave connected or cut a separate spot for battery.. also love the channel and content!!! Thank you sir!!

  4. Im gonna have to say im guilty of leaving my battery in my truck always and i mean always and thag will not change for me. Yes my battery have been affected by doing so because I can run on a brand new fully charge 3amp battery way longer then then my fully charge 2 year old 3amp battery.

    My reason is because im a forgetful guy. Their have been multiple times that i have went to work with my power tools and forgot my battery for my power tools at home.
    So now i just leave them in my truck regardless if the battery will go bad on me. Is better then being fire by my boss wasting time to go buy more battery because my forgetful ass forgot them at home.

  5. Thanks good stuff! Should they stay the charger for days on end or store them on the charger ?

  6. Another question. Bought a brand new battery but don’t plan on using it for awhile should I charge it to full? Or just leave it sitting at the 1 bar that it came with?

  7. Question. So let’s say you guy a brand new battery from a store. It usually comes sitting at about 1 bar give or take. 15-30 percent charged. What if you don’t use you’re battery often? So let’s say I have a fully charged battery, I use about 1 bad (25) percent but won’t be using it again let’s say for 3 weeks should I discharge that battery back to like 25 percent instead of the 75% ?

  8. Dave do u register any of ur tools on ryobi.com cuz I never hear u say anything about it..??? every tool I buy it's registered but anyways u give gd. Advise & vidz r great keep it up .. thanks…ur da best..!!!!!

  9. From the manual(P191):
    These batteries have been designed to provide maximum
    trouble-free life. However, like all batteries, they will eventually
    wear out. Do not disassemble battery pack and attempt to
    replace the batteries. Handling of these batteries, especially
    when wearing rings and jewelry, could result in a serious burn.
    For battery pack storage longer than 30 days:
     Store the battery pack where the temperature is below 80°F
    and away from moisture.
     Store battery packs in a 30%-50% charged condition.
     Every six months of storage, charge the pack as normal.

  10. Also if storing for more than 30 days to keep it at a 50% state of charge… I just read this recently in the manual… just a tip incase any of those batteries don't see use regularly.

  11. Great info on the batteries!! I just made a converter to run Walmart hyper tough 20v batteries ($17 batteries) in my Ryobi stuff to replace the $50 ish batteries.

  12. I have the old 1.3ah batteries and they're still going strong. They're like 5 years old. Now I understand why.

  13. A little film of dielectric grease on the battery contacts will enhance the connection and prevent corrosion..

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