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Top 10 Harbor Freight Tools for Auto Repair!! | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject Top 10 Harbor Freight Tools for Auto Repair!!? Are you looking to see auto mechanic tool list? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Top 10 Harbor Freight Tools for Auto Repair!! | Newly updated handsets.

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Top 10 Harbor Freight Tools for Auto Repair!!
Top 10 Harbor Freight Tools for Auto Repair!!

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My personal Top Ten List of Harbor Freight Tools for Auto Techs/Mechanics that I think are smoking deals and useful to anyone!

1. Braun Light –
2. Test Light –
3. 14 Piece Combo Wrench Set –
4. Trim and Moulding Pry Set –
5. Pittsburgh Pro Ratchets –
6. Heavy Duty Screwdriver Set –
7. 1/2″ Impact Sockets –
8. Mini Pick and Hook Set –
9. 12 Inch File Set –
10. Wire Wheel Brush Set –

Bolt Extractors –
Pin Punch Set –

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auto mechanic tool list

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  1. Buying this Chinese junk is supporting communist China and all the persecution of Christians and muslims child slave labor and child sex trafficking. Just think about that when you buy from china

  2. Their 4 1/2 angle grinder is awesome. $14 and works just as good as my Ryobi that cost me $40. And if it does break I’m more inclined to buy the cheaper one again.

  3. I definitely want to get a Braun light, one thing I still haven't got for some reason. I walk into the store, my eyes go wide and I forget everything else, lol. I've got a headlight I picked up at Cabela's a few years ago for hunting – gutting after dark – and I use that a lot in the garage. 90%+ of my tools are from HF. I'm just a personal weekend warrior, but I do enough on our vehicles to warrant a decent collection. I've got a 5-drawer cart that's been featured in a lot of videos, and a bigger 13-drawer cabinet ($400 on sale). Earthquake XT 1/2" cordless electric impact driver, a set of the Pittsburgh deep metric impact sockets – the 19 mm is getting worn from so many lug nuts. A Daytona floor jack. The big tool cabinet is filled with a Pittsburgh Pro breaker bar, a medium-sized Icon torque wrench, and the 301-pc Pittsburgh complete tool set: full 1/4", 3/8," 1/2" socket/ratchet sets; wrenches; screwdrivers; allen wrench sets; pliers; etc. etc. I just picked up a Hercules 3/8" cordless electric ratchet. Love HF tools. I'm not a daily user and I don't abuse things, but I've used them regularly for years and nothing's broke yet.

  4. That Braun magnetic light. I use it constantly and it's amazing. On sale for $24. I have a couple sets of 18650 lg and Sony batteries I use for it with a seperate charger and it's so usefull has held up for about 2yrs no issues. Super bright and convenient. I use it a ton around the house and outside etc.

  5. From my experience the majority of their sockets are good. Just dont get the super cheap ones. I hat their wrenches, and I have that braun light but on mine the swivel broke somehow after a week. And i never dropped it so idk. Good light but just be carefull. Also, that 1/2 breaker bar is great. I have 2

  6. I've owned one set of Pittsburgh open end/box end wrenches for over 10 years and havent broken one yet even using a breaker or larger wrench on them.

  7. i spent over $1k this week at harbor freight on tools for my tool cart alone. not to mention what's in my big toolbox……glad my ol lady doesn't go into the garage too often😉

  8. Haha yeah I always give a quick spin to make sure I'm going the right way with ratchets and screw guns. Just habit going from craftsman wrenches that have been reverse for some odd reason

  9. Hey you do know they have lifetime warranty right? Don't bother buying again and at least at my store no questions asked I give them the broken tool go grab it and I'm out in minutes

  10. I will say that the wrenches from harbor freight stretch (the open end) when doing a lot of alignments.

  11. I bought a breaker bar broke the first time useing it. But returned it the next day no problem.

  12. You can't go wrong? Oh, I'll find a way. Great video! How about their 4 1/2" bearing separator? Can't go wrong?

  13. Just ran down to HF picked up a 5 drawer with 189. Coupon and coupon #64590322 good till 1/15 for free side tray with cabinet purchase. I was polite, and they did an over ride and got both for 189 out the door. White in stock. Heads up there raising the price on 5 drawer $10 after the 1st…

  14. Another great thing is that some of those tools have a lifetime warranty, even that cheap set of picks, which is just amazing.

  15. Great video. I love harbor freight, just disappointed and scared with what happened to their jack stand recalls.

  16. I run dump trucks for a living, and 8 years ago I bought 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” HF earthquake air impact guns…. They’ve all been flawless. The 1” impact gets used in rough conditions all the time, and still like new! Looks like 💩 though, being beat to hell.
    The zip ties are a bargain buy.
    I left my Daytona jack up under a quad dump truck transmission with rear motor mounts off for near about 2 weeks, and it didn’t lose pressure/leak down at all!
    A lot of good tools sold at HF… you just gotta pick in chose cause some stuff really is junk.

  17. Started as a tech in 2016 went and got a metric Deep impact socket set I kept in a small lunch cooler and used shop impacts….. now in the end of 2020 I’ve got over 2k invested in tools and storage with at the very least 85% of that being tools from harbor freight. I am no longer a tech I now hold a cdl but still do work on vehicles at home and on company service trucks and I love having all the tools I need without the huge tool truck debt.

  18. Harbor Freight ratchets are pretty good I use Stanley ratchets so dont have to buy mac or snap on

  19. Wish I found this video before I got the cheaper breaker bar…but I don't use an much and I have another one somewhere so oh well.

  20. Man I’ve had a lot of great luck with the Pittsburgh tools plus what I have tore up they switched it out no questions asked!

  21. I think the 25" breaker bar (1/2") is pretty good. I felt it flexed a little bit on a really badly stuck axle but, but been pretty good otherwise.

    I like their torque wrenches. For $20 it's not bad at all and fairly accurate. Heck, I remember buying one for $10 on a deal. One did mess up after 5years, but HF replaced it free of cost….. no questions asked!

  22. Man something I got that I use at home is the electric, corded impact wrench. Chicago Electric, got it for $29.99 and had it over 4 years. It's not meant for professionals but a DIY person it's great because no compressor needed!

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