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Top 10 Painting Tools Every Painter Needs. | List of best cleaning accessories.

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Top 10 Painting Tools Every Painter Needs.

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Top 10 painting tools every painter needs. Must have painting tools to paint a bedroom. Painting hacks for DIY painters. 3M, Purdy, Sherwin Williams, Wooster, White Dove, and the Hand masker.

The tools you need are here in my tool store:

3M handmasker:
Cover grip drop cloth:
Best 5-in-1 tool:
Premier 4-8′ extension pole:
Caulking gun:
Premier Montauk Brush:
2 gallon paint bucket:
Corner + 9″ roller:
White woven roller covers:

Home improvement tips, tools, projects, hacks and more! Oh, and how to paint a house for the DIY or professional painter. You home repair headquarters.

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  1. I got lost in the sauce I guess my OCD kicked in did he mention gloves I hate paint on my hands?

  2. Sir Thank you very much your video is very motivational I am inspired by your video the way you are teaching us
    the painting skills with exciting tools and machine again Thanks 😊
    "Free tool"

  3. I been painting my whole life 5th Generation painter here.. And i dig your videos i learned a few things from you such as calking your tape. Never to old to learn keep um coming bud..

  4. I have gotten in over my head and am now having to paint the interior of my home. I moved in 4 years ago. I did not realize that walks get dirty like they do. While cleaning the walls I became aware of the terrible paint that was used – not only is it a color I dont particularly like, it is a thin coat and weak coverage. I am not a painter and do have a disability that affects my peripheral vision and depth perception which is a challenge to live with, esp if I’m going to paint! I began watching your videos after I ordered an Accubrush. The idea that it could work as well as is advertised would sure make my project a lot better snd the results acceptable. I want to give you props for your videos. They are well done and I’m glad to have found them. There is so much out there on video and it’s discouraging to watch and be left feeling nothing was learned and my time was wasted. Thank you for efficiently snd effectively addressing each topic. So my Accubrush just came in. I don’t know if I will even open the package. I have also purchased 2 other edgers as well. Maybe I’ll do a comedy video of me painting – did I mention I can paint decorative items snd crafts but to do the walls in my home … it’s just not my skill gift. Stay tuned…I could be a very grateful student as the weekend progresses. Again, thank you.

  5. I like the large drops with rubber backing when doing ceilings but if only painting walls than I use the rubber backing strips. # 11 is a JLG man lift. Nothing beats telling the boss you need a JLG, but don't tell him that your too lazy to lug around a 40' extension ladder.

  6. SOOOO glad I found your videos! Learned a lot of cool tips and tool advise, I am a new subscriber too. Getting ready to paint the interior for the last time before moving out of CA. I was dreading it but not so much now. LOVE the caulking and tape trick! Thanks for sharing your experience and your faith. I’ll be watching more of your videos too.

  7. Free tool 😄! Starting a painting in NJ and enjoying your videos very much. Thank you!

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