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Top 5: $400.00 PCP's | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Top 5: $400.00 PCP's? Are you looking to see best pcp air rifle for the money? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Top 5: $400.00 PCP's | Best hand tools for you.

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Top 5: $400.00 PCP's
Top 5: $400.00 PCP's

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In the world of PCPs, $400 gets you a lot of gun! This is a step above the entry-level, so you can expect more power and more features and better performance. Some of our favorite PCPs are on this list so watch it and enjoy!

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5) Benjamin Marauder Pistol:

4) Hatsan Vectis:

3) Kral Puncher NP-03:

2) Seneca Aspen:

1) Hatsan Flash Pup:

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best pcp air rifle for the money

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  1. Does anyone have the kral np03? Is that Strong? Im using a hatsan bt65 for hog hunting, but its too heavy. Was thinking about this kral, beautiful gun. Does anyone recommends?

  2. Thanks for the list. All 5 are impressive airguns.
    My Seneca Aspen made my other airguns obsolete. Pump it 50 times and shoot the 10 round magazine thru it's most effective power band. Or pump it up to 3,600 psi and shoot twenty shots. Glad to see it number 2 on your list. It's number 1 on mine.

  3. Guessing Airgun Depot does not sell a rifle better than any of those. Air Venturi Avenger. Oh, nice cans.

  4. I got a kral mega recently and that hatsan flash was nothing in comparison. I love how the safety looks just like the one on the Kral Mega. The avenger will be arriving soon!

  5. i really like to order i wonder if the airgun depot is making transaction and shipping here in Philippines

  6. I have the Flashpup and it's awesome. Great list but the Avenger probably deserves a spot now. With new budget PCPs always coming out this list might change every year.

  7. Now I remember who this young lady presenting all these "Top 5" videos reminds me of, Kelly Mcgillis" in the movie, Top Gun. Ironic, isn't it!

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