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Top 5 Problems Jeep Wrangler JK SUV 3rd Generation 2007-2018 | The Best Power Tools

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Top 5 Problems Jeep Wrangler JK SUV 3rd Generation 2007-2018 | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Top 5 Problems Jeep Wrangler JK SUV 3rd Generation 2007-2018
Top 5 Problems Jeep Wrangler JK SUV 3rd Generation 2007-2018

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Do you want to know the top problems with the Jeep Wrangler JK? In this video, Andy discusses the top problems based on our own findings, and reports from mechanics across the country! He also offers solutions to those problems!

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How to Back Flush Your Heater Core Yourself:

0:00 Top Problems Jeep Wrangler 3rd Generation 2007-18
0:20 Heater Core
1:14 EVAP Codes
2:08 Valve Cover Gaskets
2:42 Oxygen (O2) Sensors
3:04 Water Leaks

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  1. Omg! Radio replaced twice; gas cap issue still not solved despite 3 replacements and cover, leaky passenger door and top of panel middle

  2. 2016 Unlimited Sahara with 94k bought brand new, I’ve had 1 out the 5. I hope it is a long ways before the other 4 get to me

  3. My heater core stopped heating last winter. Mechanic did a full flush and that did the trick for the time being. Is it inevitable that the core will need to be replaced even after a flush?

  4. Had to have head replaced at 40k on my2012. Was under ext warranty. Prob never sell. Pulls great behind mh. Never had a vehicle that was so much fun.

  5. The infamous P0369 code. Camshaft position sensor error code. I enjoy my 2012 JKU but I've been plagued by this same issue numerous times.

  6. The cats are too restrictive and the extra engine heat causes problems and lessens the life of the engine, maybe on the average of 100,000 miles less life. We don't see many 300,000 mile engines anymore. The EPA loves that.

  7. Other Jeep issues: Oil filter adapter, camshaft sensor, death wobble (straight axle issue), bad tpms sensors, rear main seal leak, etc… and don’t let people tell you not to rotate that full size spare tire no matter how big you go!!!!

  8. I have a 2013 jk and the over head hard top hatch collects water inside the hatch. Also after a hundred thousand miles or so the rocker arms under the cam shaft need to be replaced. The bearings in the rocker arms wear out. Even though they are continually immersed in oil. That’s American engineering of greed

  9. Yeah, wow my check engine light came on about the fuel vapor dec. The other day and then switched off before this it gas cap and another device, I keep getting letters about some airbag recall and my rear bulbs break/tail lights flicker sometimes

  10. You forgot the cracked exhaust manifold on the 3.8L and the heat in the cab with the heat door actuator And last but not least chipped spider gears in the rear differential

  11. Yeh dont forget bearing knock and that glorious noise…Ive gotta do my bro in laws 07 Rubicon 3.8…I hope i dont have to rip half the front suspension off to get to the oil pan cause THEN weve got an issue and im just gonna burn it to the ground…burn baby burn…………….lol..

  12. Yeh be very careful pushing water through the core with a fn garden hose Cause Remember..YOULL be using cold tap water when usually there's 400 degree Really Really Hot water at 40 mph goin through there so be careful…

  13. I have a 2017 JKU Rubicon Recon and have 2 of the 5 problems, 1) the heater core & 2) the water leaking in on the passenger side.

  14. I have a problem with my jk 2009 3.8 manual. If I patl tha clutch it's dont have any sound if I remove my leg from tha clutch (N) mood its make small sound it's like radio sound I have check 2 to 3 place. All of the tell me need to fix new gear box place if u have any Idea about this problem can u hell me to fix this problem thank u

  15. Yes I’ve literally dealt with EVERY SINGLE ONE of these problems🤦🏻‍♀️but I’m never giving up my Jeep😂

  16. The worst is rust,rust,rust everywhere…Even the new jeep at the dealer is already rusty to the bone…

  17. Great advice!! Our 2016 Jeep Wrangler some time shut off when we’re driving and also if it sits too long when you go to start it up it feels like it’s going to shut off again!! If you have any advice for what’s causing this I would really appreciate it

  18. Camshaft position sensor bank one position two – $7,000.000 later and an extended warranty company that's fraudulent I'm ready to sell my 13 Rubicon for a loss Jeep lost it's way I survived a CJ and a YJ and they're all worthless pikes of crap!

  19. Had oil filter adapter leak, told it’s a known common fault, 1200.00 repair. Also, out of blue the radio stopped functioning, also found online a very common Jeep problem. Disappointing.

  20. Ahh yes – the romance of the Jeep ! It will get you and spank you ! The last year for a Wrangler was 05’ – less the PCM for the O6’ Jeep in a V6 ? Never !

  21. My 2008 Jeep Wrangler with 60 thousand miles burns almost a quart of oil every tank of gas I drive 8 miles a day 💀💀💀

  22. Only one of these I've had with my 2015 JKU is both sides of the roof leak. Other issue I'm taking care of right now is the Oil Filter Cooler leak. It appears to be a very common issue that you may want to add to the list. Replacement is a pretty involved process. While doing it I also discovered the heater hose under the one you pointed at was bulged and had to be replaced. That hose goes to the Oil Filter Cooler. Thanks for the heads up on the other items.

  23. I have a 2012 Jeep rubicon Jeep Front locker is lock with the Metal plates against the magnet with should be off.

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