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Top 7 Cold Steel Knives with Lynn Thompson | Knife Banter Ep. 81 | Newly updated garden tools

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Top 7 Cold Steel Knives with Lynn Thompson | Knife Banter Ep. 81 | Newly updated garden tools for you.

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Top 7 Cold Steel Knives with Lynn Thompson | Knife Banter Ep. 81
Top 7 Cold Steel Knives with Lynn Thompson | Knife Banter Ep. 81

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Zac sits down with Lynn Thompson to discuss the top 7 Cold Steel knives. Check out Cold Steel here:

Knives in order of appearance:

Urban Pal:



Recon 1:



Espada XL:

Voyager XL Vaquero:

Laredo Bowie: ..

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  1. Now that’s a good American there. 4 big ass blades. Love Bowie knives especially that Wild West

  2. Gas station assassin: Stab stab stab
    Lynn's friend, drawing Espada: I only have to hit you once dexnerd.

  3. Just by watching this video it's sold me. My birthday is coming up And the cold steel spider is mine.

  4. You could see how he started to open up more as the video went on and around the middle of the video you could see how passionate he got and HE LIT UP when they were talking about the one his buddy used at the gas station

  5. I thought the Ti-Lite was gimmicky until I picked up a friend’s and then immediately bought myself one the next day! And it has become one of my all-time favorite knives!

  6. So tell us about this one Lynn,

    “ my buddy killed a dude at a gas station with this knife”


  7. Does Lynn live in CA? Because folders have to be carried fully concealed or openly attached to a belt. But the extra special super California thing is if it's carried with only the clip showing in a pocket it's considered "partially concealed" and is a felony…

    Just wondering how he carries those Espada XL's. I've had to modify mag pockets on tactical jeans to make them longer so I can carry them concealed…

  8. I have bought so many Cold Steel knives. If I know you, then you already know cause that's what I give out for birthday and Christmas gifts.

  9. I just love this guy. I've watched this clip so many times and never written a comment.. dunno why??? Anyway thank you Mr Thompson. You are truly one in a billion mate and your products are second to none!!

    Give me a G10 ti lite any day of the week as my one and only blade and I'll be a happy camper… It does it all. The modern all purpose urban EDC. The large luzon can be my back up lol..

  10. Ill be honest im not big on folders im a fixed blade guy, i feel theres only so much you can do with an edc blade, no point in spending big money on a blade that sits in your pocket all day the most action it will ever see is cutting cardboard, letters, no one is gonna give a shit when u pull out a $500 custom flipper to carve an apple. But cold steel is different, theyre blades are indestructible conversation starting pieces, you pull out a spartan and people will be more interested in its outrageously awesome design than any of your overpriced edc blades. I trust the spartan to fight of a robber, to do basic edc tasks and some mundane tasks if needes, its non traditional but thats why i love it, my best advice is to carry interesting pieces that you enjoy and get alot of actual use out of, functionality hardly matters when most guys flip their knives a couple times and then lock it away for their collection/rotation. Cold steel are blades that are meant to be used, perhaps the only company that understands that folding knives can be fun, badass, ridicoulus and still perform. A spartan and an ad10 are the only folders i own. They are beasts that go beyond edc use, no they arent covert or light but who cares they see actual use, they will never fail, they do the same job as more expensive pieces but i can put the cold steels through shit that would kill almost any high end knife. Cold steel just gets it right. Also their fixed blades are godly.

  11. I've had my recon 1 for close to 4 years. It's been a workhorse, and still performs like a champ

  12. I live in the UK where push knives are illegal which sucks tbh uk knife laws suck "it's illegal to carry anything but a 3 inch non locking knife" oh great so I can defend myself with a victorinox multi tool 🙄

  13. I too love blades, all types of blades & have sense I was just a kid combat, survival & short swords are my favorite altho I've never met a blade I didn't like. I have to say that the majority of these cold steel blades are top shelf & reasonably priced all things considered. I have to say that in my knife designing blade loving brain the 75$ Spartan just screams at me to add a glass breaker & emergency seat belt cutter on the back, love these informative knife vids, thanks for the quality guests & knowledgable host.

  14. Other knife companies: Knives are tools first and foremost.

    Lynn: Haha pointy metal go stab stab

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