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Top Reasons Why You CAN'T Forge Weld | Most-Buyed Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Top Reasons Why You CAN'T Forge Weld? Are you looking to see borax for forge welding? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Top Reasons Why You CAN'T Forge Weld | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Top Reasons Why You CAN'T Forge Weld
Top Reasons Why You CAN'T Forge Weld

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A video around how to forge weld and how to trouble shoot your forge welding process.

Forge welding vdeos where Roy got distracted: and

If you would like to learn the forge welding basics and see the practical application for different types of fire welding tutorials, check out our forge welding techniques playlist here:

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  1. The number 1 reason my welds don't take is clinker in the fire blocking the air holes.The fire won't come up to a welding heat and I burn the steel. Also if there was to much flux on the piece my instructor Malcolm Paine would sometimes tap the pieces on edge on the anvil as they came out of the fire to remove the excess flux.
    Touching the pieces together in the fire and seeing if they stick is a great tip for beginners.
    Great videos by the way.

  2. What psychology dictates that you would buy products advertized to you at moments you focus ALL your attention to a beloved topic?! Commercial morons…

  3. I try forge weld steel with aluminium sheet….take about 4hours and a lot of charcoal until i give up

  4. Thanks for very informative video I have subscribed. I am a fairly good oxy welder and as such have a good handle on oxidising neutral and carburising flames, you also get to see the metal right up to the point of melting. Your video has given me a better understanding of forge welding and I’m keen to have a go. Thank you

  5. I’m using a propane forge. Would it be better to have a coal or coke forge for forge welding? I’m really struggling, I’m also at 7000 feet of elevation.

  6. Thank you so much! I still haven't been able to stick a welf but I'm gonna go fill my tanks tomorrow and give another community college try!

  7. Very informative, I have little to no experience with forge welding. I learned a lot Roy, take care and God bless brother!

  8. I think you just covered almost every mistake I have made! I’m sure something I have cocked up you have never even thought of but I will keep trying and after watching this success might not be too far away! Thank you!

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