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Trex Arms Vs. Tier One Concealed – Axis Vs. Sidecar. Side by Side Comparison. | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Trex Arms Vs. Tier One Concealed – Axis Vs. Sidecar. Side by Side Comparison.? Are you looking to see best appendix holster? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Trex Arms Vs. Tier One Concealed – Axis Vs. Sidecar. Side by Side Comparison. | Best garden tools for you.

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Trex Arms Vs. Tier One Concealed - Axis Vs. Sidecar. Side by Side Comparison.
Trex Arms Vs. Tier One Concealed – Axis Vs. Sidecar. Side by Side Comparison.

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Trex Arms Vs. Tier One Concealed. The debate that will never die.These two holsters seem to be what everyone is deciding between. I have carried both for years. Two great Appendix style Holsters. Thought this video might help you make a decision. Both great Holsters. Axis or Sidecar what did you pick?

One thing to mention. This video was shot during the virus times. So those companies lead times are probably higher than what you will see as a “normal”. Online sales volumes were very high.

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Targets – TATargets
Shirt – Tier 1 Concealed
Pants – Vertx .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

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  1. After research I ended up ordering an axis slim for my Glock 20 in 10mm. Fingers crossed it all works out. Thanks for the video!

  2. Have you ever tried the Tier 1 Echo, Xiphos, or M models? They don't hold the extra mag, but I am changing from an AlienGear IWB only meant for like 4:00 carry. I worry the extra width of the mag carrier would be hard to be okay with especially after spending like $150 after using a discount code. I know that gun weight will affect how holsters feel, but I have a Springfield XDS so it is lightweight and small.

  3. “The sidecar has been the sidecar the whole time”

    Truth! I love trex arms but it’s like they refuse to adopt any changes to the sidecar that didn’t come from their brains in house. For instance they say they don’t do a Flex sidecar because of lack of consistency or keeping it together during force on force but it’s been my experience (and the experience of a lot of other people) that that isn’t necessarily the case. imo they don’t adopt the idea because A. It’s a pride thing for them and B. It’d be costly production wise. But there’s definitely a market for it and a lot of people are switching to tier 1 (myself included) and they’re definitely shooting themselves in the foot with all that.

    Edit: I’d like to add that if Trex arms had a flex sidecar I 100% would’ve bought it over a tier 1 because I love Trex arms as a company and there are other features on the sidecar that I like over my axis slim. That flex center is just such a game changer that ultimately it’s something I couldn’t ignore and it’s definitely what drove me to switch.

  4. I have a glock 20 gen 4 with a TLR-1 streamlight on it. Do you have a holster for this weapon? Thanks.

  5. Just a thought on the comment about why people may want different colors. I have a Beretta PX4 Storm and a Glock 19 they are similar size but the mold is different and they are the same color. The next time I buy holsters for those gun they will be different colors so it is easy to know which holster is for which gun.

  6. Bought a Tier One axis, has broken 5 times and been replaced 3 times. Bend radius cracks along pistol ejector on slide. Broke at 3 months, then 1 year, then 5 months. Finally quit replacing it. Holster is now jb welded heavy in two places where bend radius cracks kept forming. Would not buy again. Quality and improved design needed. The bends are on the T Rex have wider radiuses and seems a more durable design.

  7. I have a Tier one but I noticed the claw had same problem so I ordered one from trex and put that on lol much better. Had to drill a new hole in the claw because they don't match.

    Also I'm a first time watcher and I'm also Ryan and 35 haha but only 6'1" 205lbs hahaha

  8. Too bad both companies doesn’t make the custom cutout for my fn 509c. I’ll stick with Odin holsters

  9. I bought a slimfit holater custom made for my gun. Since neither of these companies make a holster for gen 5 glock 23

  10. Thank you for doing this video! Now confident in my choice! 🙌
    Plan to appendix carry here very soon and excited to try it out!

  11. I know this holster is made for appendix carry but can you try the tier 1 slim at the 4 o’clock position and let me know if it would also work this way or not?? Thank you.

  12. Dude yes preach the holster cost argument. I hate it when people buy a Shadow 2 or some other expensive gun and then get a crap sub $50 holster. A good holster and belt is what will let you comfortably carry the gun instead of it sitting in the safe. Granted these are usually the same people that complain about a holster company when the gun starts to show holster wear.

  13. I did exactly what you said. Bought 4 holsters that were 40-80 and just ordered the T1C axis slim! Now just 2 months until it comes in. If it works. Worth the weight.

  14. Love my Tier 1, but to let other CZ P10 F owners know. The Axis for the P10 F with a TLR-1 does not work lol. I believe it could work without a TLR-1. It makes the holster just long enough to stab you when you sit. Granted I’m the dummy trying to EDC a P10 F with a giant flashlight on it. No grudge on Tier 1, super high quality!

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