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Trimming A Siberian Husky's Nails – The Effective, Stress-Free Method! | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

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Trimming A Siberian Husky's Nails – The Effective, Stress-Free Method! | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Trimming A Siberian Husky's Nails – The Effective, Stress-Free Method!

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  1. You have so much to say, can you just go straight to the trimming 😩🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s really annoying, I want to watch your other videos but you talk too much!

  2. Can anyone help me? My husky is SO dramatic, he won’t let me near his paws. I’ve tried giving him treats/ food on the plate. Tried playing with him so he’s distracted but nothing seems to work. He instead growls & argues with me. My dog never gets distracted when it comes to me cleaning him, he’s very wary!

  3. Thanks for the great video. I have a huskie (8 months now) and after watching your video I have all the confidence that I need to do a great job loving on my Buddy's nails. I was going to buy clippers to do the job, but after seeing you use a dremel, I was like I got this. I polish stainless steel for a living and I am quite handy with the tooling 👍🤠

  4. I don’t know how this channel isn’t at 1million yet!! Like he literally gives the best advice on how to train your Huskies

  5. How do you know where to stop in the black nails since you can't see the pink underneath? I'm always afraid of going too far

  6. Anyway you know which brand your dremel is? I need one so bad for my husky & want the best!

  7. If your dog doesn't like peanut butter or needs a switch up, you can also substitute a lickable treat spread with either a bit of honey or cream cheese. Remember that honey has sugar in it though and to brush your dog's teeth afterwards!

  8. If this is too Hard just buy a dog scooter and let your dog run on a sidewalk that'll trim his nails. That's what I do with Logan 🤣

  9. True the virus dosnt harm dogs the way it does humans but it still can make your dog and you sick so still be a bit more careful with your dogs

  10. Just a few thoughts…
    #1. The "CoronaVirus" is 100% fake. People are not dying in the streets. People are not even dying at Sam's Club fighting over toilet paper. People are just imbibing all the fear porn being spewed by the lamestream media, watching stocks scintillate because the plunge protection team is on vacation, and acting as though a meteorite is going to strike in 45 minutes.
    #2. Xylitol is not only poisonous to dogs, but to humans as well.
    #3. One of the more hilarious stories about the "CoronaVirus" is that a man in China supposedly gave it to his dog- so if you're into the fear porn better quarantine your dogs as well.
    #4. That dremel assuredly makes the most soothing sound- somewhere between the dentist's chair and a car mechanic's pit.
    #5. The absolutely best way to trim the nails of any dog is a 1/2 mile walk on a concrete surface or a mile on a paved road.

  11. Winter’s nails don’t seem to get long, I think they get worn down on the porch cement steps and the cement slab in front of it, He goes in and out a lot! 😄

  12. when i get my husky I will put ice cubes in the water in the summer time so they can have cold water and eat ice afterwards

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