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Tuning your car stereo – Head Unit Equalizer – No DSP! PROCESS EXPLAINED | Best hand tools

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Tuning your car stereo – Head Unit Equalizer – No DSP! PROCESS EXPLAINED | Newly updated handsets.

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Tuning your car stereo - Head Unit Equalizer - No DSP! PROCESS EXPLAINED
Tuning your car stereo – Head Unit Equalizer – No DSP! PROCESS EXPLAINED

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Information related to the topic Tuning your car stereo – Head Unit Equalizer – No DSP! PROCESS EXPLAINED.

Many aftermarket head units now have an “EQ” or equalizer built in. What is the equalizer for and how do we tune and set it on our head unit car stereo? Should we use an RTA? Is this a replacement for a stand alone Digital Signal Processor (DSP)? Let’s go through the process!

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  1. So when tuning like this instead of with a dsp, when playing the pink noise to get the measurement, do you play through all channels at once? I know when tuning with a dsp you are suppose to do one speaker at a time.

  2. There's one thing I want to add that might sound like BS,, but it's true, if your only adding an amp and new speakers to your factory radio and you choose one of those line out converters from a local electronics store unfortunately most of those sound like crap and you can use the one in the amp if it has high level input but honestly I've found one brand of line out converters that improves the sound and I believe it blows mostly anything else out the water,,, "Pac line out converter" is what I use n I gotta say it's the best! Can't get them in local store anymore but they use to sell them around 10yrs ago but they stopped selling them and making u buy junk ones anymore leaving a bad taste in your ear,, Online is were u can get the Pac or maybe an actual car audio shop

  3. If I have a aftermart stereo and subwoofers plug in with rca cables, will me changing the equalizer change all my door speakers and tweeters PLUS my sub or just the door speakers and tweeters

  4. Man, I’m debating on getting that tuning mic. Has anyone noticed a difference between the sound after the mic tuning and the infamous “smile” eq setting? Please let me know, I just dropped some coin on the DD-1+ and would have a hard time spending money on a mic that may not make that much of a difference.

  5. Noticed on your RTA results the highs where under the flat line.. wouldnt you want more voice and instrument sounds?
    After the results you achieve from the RTA do you leave settings alone or adjust to your liking. Im confused on the objective of doing the RTA and not just by ear or likings?

  6. Hey I have a question …I have a aftermarket Tesla android head unit that I just installed . But I checked on the equalizer on the head unit . It suxs big time ….the other head unit I had before I changed it was way way better . It gave me full bass…with out needing a sub woofer. But this one I have now doesn’t give me half of what the other unit was giving me . Is there a way to upgrade the equalizer with having to buy another head unit .which I don’t want to do? Please help

  7. I've ran mid speakers and tweeters from the front and rear channels before so I could time align them separately on a head unit.

  8. Just wanted to say thank you for all your videos. They are very helpful and I also enjoy Audiocontrol.

  9. This has been helpful in adjusting my eq to improve and remove harshness from my car speakers and to make my system sound great. .

  10. I have the same jeep model and headset in your video….what would be the ideal crossover settings? Please help….thanks

  11. Time alignment is way overrated, I don’t know why car audio guys emphasize on setting this up, to me it’s a worthless feature, if I upgraded my sound system with high quality speakers and then amplify them, the only other aspect I’m looking for is a high quality signal, clean and loud is my goal, I want to be heard outside the car, time alignment kills the amplified power your speakers can put out, you end up using more power to try and get to a loud level, and depending on where you sit, 3 out of 4 times it will sound horrible, and much worst outside the car, stereophonic or quadraphonic sounds way better and will use less power to get to a loud level. Come on Mark, stop teaching that which is not needed.

  12. Would like to know if there is a way to reprogram a android 10.0 head unit to have a 10 band or more equalizer, mine only came with treble, bass, and presets, I downloaded apps but they do not run in background while listing to regular FM radio stations

  13. What do you think about using an iphone with that app for sound tuning? I have an Audison Virtuoso DSP and I find it a little limited compared to your headunit by the number of tweaking points avaliable. Then I get alot of frequency variations by moving the phone up and down the driver's seat. I got filtered front and back with tweeters in the dashboard and coaxial in the back and a sub in the trunk. Cheers!

  14. Esos radios android que han llegado a latinoamerica su señal de rca si acaso llega a 1 voltio además su procesador interno que ellos dicen que tiene tampoco es bueno. He tenido que usar su salida alta de bocina después a un convertidor de alta a baja para sacar algo de voltaje rca. recomiendo un DSP entrando por señal alta.

  15. What’s that headunit again? Probably expensive haha. Are there others that have that level of eq bands, and also crossover? I’m pretty content with my current setup but just a headunit swap would be nice if it could do more in terms of DSP. Don’t and won’t do much tuning for but that unit does even more than what I want. I do have front dash, doors, and rear door speakers.

  16. hahaha 40 years ago you just got in your car and adjusted the 7, 8, 10 or 12 band internal amplified equalizer to your liking and cranked it. It's pretty much the same only digital with a bunch of other nonsense to get the same results.

  17. He uses AudioControl brand equipment a lot. Are they really that great or are they just budget friendly?

  18. Is getting a DSP worth it if i am not running active? I have my Morel components on the same channels.

  19. Just a note that you don’t necessarily need an aftermarket unit. Modern cars often have stock head units with features. I purchased a 4th generation Mazda 3 which has a head unit with a 13 band equalizer and setting for optimizing the sound at the driving position, presumably doing what a DSP does. This is the non-Bose model and has 2 tweeters at ear level, 2 mid-range speakers in both the front and back door, and 2 woofers under the console. These stock speakers are made by Pioneer. The position of the speakers were ‘scientifically’ set to prevent rattle and sound loss and optimize sound and they do sound very clear. What it lacks is a subwoofer, and I installed a 12 inch JL Audio in the boot. It also has good sound treatment which means even at full volume with the subwoofer, you can’t hear anything if you are outside the car. I couldn’t be happier with the sound.

    So, check to see the features of your stoke head unit because you might be surprised how good it is.

  20. Mark,
    You add great value to your industry.
    I think the Stinger Heigh10 and DM-810 would make a helluva system in my 2021 JL.
    Any chance you could do a video on total install with 2 AMPS, the Heigh10 and DM-810?
    Tuning included. I am really wondering about the toss link or optic from the head unit to the DSP.

  21. My son & I were trying to get youtube videos to play via bluetooth.

    We had trouble with that, no sound.

    Also, my factory usb would not play or show my files.

    It's an "Aotsr 2 din car radio" for a 2013 Hyundai Elantra.

  22. I would also like to see and understand the difference a sap can make and learn how to tune my system it if I get one. Thanks in advance. Your channel rocks 👍
    Thank you

  23. I love all the technical and practical advice you’re giving and it inspired me to upgrade my car audio system. One thing I’d love to see is wireless/ Bluetooth connections to amps or HU’s!
    Because to be honest… we install upgraded speakers, sound dampening and amplifiers but in the end we stream “low quality” mp3s via Spotify or Apple Music.
    How to upgrade the Bluetooth signal (muse02 op-amp) be one question or wiring the phone to an amp would be cool to get an insight on.
    Just to get an even balance between streaming quality and the build quality of the speakers and system amp’s~ (I’m not a audiophile but still wanna get out the best results 😜)
    For future awesomeness!

  24. Hi Mark thanks for the great video's. Is there a big difference between 2 volts and 4 volts at the pre-outs on head units or is that just a marketing gimmick?

  25. Hey mark love your channel. I'm just getting into car audio systems, but I'm working on a budget of about 400-600$ what equipment would you recommend and what brands? Also I'm using a factory head unit. I really would appreciate a in depth personal run down. Thanks man.

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