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Twist&Mixx | Hard Surface Cleaner Disinfectants | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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Twist&Mixx | Hard Surface Cleaner Disinfectants
Twist&Mixx | Hard Surface Cleaner Disinfectants

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Twist & Mixx is a highly efficient automatic dilution system. It works by gravity eliminating concentration variations due to changes in water pressure. Based on a 3M patented technology , the cartridge system and its built-in dilution nozzle reduces waste and prevents over-concentration.

Twist & Mixx products were designed by our qualified scientists to ensure high performance cleaning when used with 3M patented system.

This is why the Twist & Mixx product range includes all-purpose cleaners, all purpose and industrial degreasers, glass cleaners and bioactive cleaners for odor control. For the bathrooms, we have designed deodorizers, ceramic cleaners and bathroom cleaners.

We created specialized cleaning products for the food industry. Also our reknowned 5th generation quaternary ammonium compounds and Certiklör certified sodium hypochlorite based disinfectants for healthcare centers are available in the Twist & Mixx system.

There are also more specialized products such as deodorizers, calcium remover or biofilm disruptive cleaners.

As part of our sustainable development, we have so far achieved the EcoLogo certification for 7 products. ..

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