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Ultimate T-Track Workbench + Customizable Storage | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Ultimate T-Track Workbench + Customizable Storage? Are you looking to see mobile workbench with drawers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Ultimate T-Track Workbench + Customizable Storage | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Ultimate T-Track Workbench + Customizable Storage
Ultimate T-Track Workbench + Customizable Storage

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When I set out to build this bench I focused on three main tasks that I wanted to optimize at this workbench: joinery, sanding, & assembly. By using T-Track, I can take advantage of tons of accessories that will hold project pieces where I want them. With two sliding panels, I have stored my sanding and vacuum hose next to my shop vac. With several large drawers and a sliding tray, I can store just about every other accessory and power tool I need to work at this bench!

This project is sponsored by my good friends at BESSEY Tools! Their quality and product innovation is outstanding. It’s also why after buying my first set of K Body REVO clamps I was hooked! If you’ve not used BESSEY clamps before, give them a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you so much for watching & I hope you enjoy the project!

➤BESSEY Tools Used: (affiliate)
K Body REVO Parallel Bar Clamp –
Trigger Clamp –
Ratcheting Table Clamp –

➤Discounted Items! (affiliate)

ISOtunes Pro (code: WSM10 to save $10) –

Grizzly Jointer (code WSMIKE10 to save 10%) –
Grizzly Planer (code WSMIKE10 to save 10%) –

SurfPrep Sander (code WOODSHOPMIKE10 to save 10% ) –

➤Materials: (affiliate)
3/4″ Melamine, 4’x8′
3/4″ Plywood, 4’x8′
1/2″ Plywood, 4’x8′
1/4″ Plywood, 4’x8′
4×4, 8′
Hardwood for trim
Glue –
Dominos 12mm x 140mm –
Z-Clips (includes screws) –
Drawer slides 14″ –
Drawer slides 20″ –
Drawer pulls –
Pocket hole screws 1-1/4″ –
Pocket hole screws 2-1/2″ –
Pocket hole screws 1″-
4′ T-Track –
Screws #6 x 1″ –
Workbench Casters –

➤Tools: (affiliate)

RZ mask M2 –
Table saw (new version) –
Miter saw –
Kreg ACS (track saw) –
Domino XL 700 or 500 –
Biscuit joiner –
Shop Vac – homedepot.sjv.io/vJq0v
Woodpeckers Paolini 6″ pocket rule –
Woodpeckers carpenters square –
Rockler glue roller –
Freud glue line rip blade –
Freud ultimate plywood & melamine blade –
Dead Blow Hammer –

➤Work Wear: (affiliate)

Carhartt Apron –
Carhartt Cryder Dungaree –
Carhartt Force Delmont Short Sleeve T-shirt –




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  1. MIKE…..10 seconds and I was blown away………your work : "Divine" !!! Be blessesd , man !!!

  2. Nice bench very neat work! of subject, but that's a nice apron your wearing, anychance you could share a link to it online? Been looking for a decent one for a while

  3. The only way to cross cut plywood is on a table saw if I were to get out a track saw to cut I would have been laughed out of the cabinet shop

  4. Hello I love this tutorial on making the ultimate workbench. However I noticed in the materials list you dont talk about the materials for the frame that you state you used 4x4s to do so. Is there a reason and I also wanted to know what kind of plywood you used for the 4'x8's

  5. Have you ever considered adding dog holes to this table?

    I’m interested in a workbench/out feed table with all possible clamping/storage options I can think of.. I only have space for one, so I gotta be efficient :)

  6. Just finished my bench based on your plans. About a foot shorter with a few other changes but still great plans.

  7. Question, what is the overall size of the desk. I'm interested in plans but want to make sure it fits in my space. I don't see it listed on the Plan page.

  8. Awesome workbench.. it's pretty funny that a key ingredient to making this bench is using the existing bench you have lol

  9. Very nice work. Why did you swap out the table saw for the track saw on the melamine? Is it more accurate perhaps?

  10. Mike, can I ask..with the casters are they strong enough with the two screws? No issues with repeated use?

  11. This bench is my inspo! have you noticed any sagging in the middle once its all loaded? The one im working on will be a true 4×8' and will have a solid 100-120 lbs in the middle alone..

  12. Like the way you cut out the T-Track slots. Been looking for a good way to route out the slots and I think I just found out how I am going to route out my slots for my T-Track system.

  13. All that good work and you never mitred the work top lipping🙈🤦‍♂️😡I hate end grain showing🤢

  14. Awesome workbench. What did your table top dimensions end up being? I noticed you didn’t use the whole sheet of MDF.

  15. Warning …don`t watch this if you`ve already built one! You`ll feel like a dipshit, and the Johnny Walker Black …it doesn`t/didn`t help!

  16. Just found and subbed your channel.👍
    I'm doing research on what to include on my bench build is how I found you.
    Would love to see more of the completed project, like a tour type video.
    Have a Jesus filled day everyone
    Greg in Michigan

  17. If people think cross cutting is bad, I cut aluminum all the time on a table saw to make custom pieces LMAO

  18. Fantastic work, thanks for making this video. I am making an assembly / outfeed table with t-track at this moment and your ideas are very helpful. Just wondering about the intersections. If they allow for the input of different t track tools, then why is it really necessary to notch out the nice hardwood trim around the perimeter? Thanks for your help!

  19. Hi Mike, beautiful build. Maybe I missed it but how did you attach the melamine board to the plywood for the top work surface?

  20. Great bench man. I need something like this for my garage so I think i'm gonna get your plans cause they look cool. Thanks

  21. Sweet build dude!! You might have convinced me to rebuild my bench. I love the ACS track saw. I just did a review on my channel and it blew me away! Good work sir. Cheers!

  22. Is there any particular reason to attach the drawer fronts low relative to the bottom of the drawers which resulted dead space (reducing the usable height of the drawer below)?

  23. Your standard of craftsmanship is awesome. Great work. May I ask what the t track on the top is for?

  24. This bench is beautiful! I’ve been watching a ton of bench videos (in preps to build my own) and yours is my favourite so far for sure!

    Would you also do a video on some of the other fun drawers and storage solutions you came up with? I’ve never seen a lot of them and it would be amazing!

  25. Mauve it's just me, but that's not plywood under the melamine. I'd call that chipboard.

    Perhaps you can do a video on identifying the different types of non solid wood and grades.

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