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Understanding Car Audio Design | List of best hand tools for you.

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Understanding Car Audio Design
Understanding Car Audio Design

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Information related to the topic Understanding Car Audio Design.

We do an educational video on the fine print of audio systems in modern cars. We discuss how things are designed, the challenges of cost, quality and of course marketing. With millions of vehicles on the road and with an increase if autonomous and electric cars the interior of vehicles including the audio systems will be getting more advanced. We explain why we are testing audio and to help the viewer learn.

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00:00 – 1:25 Intro – Why Audio Testing?
1:25 – 2:19 Budget and Planning Audio Design
2:19 – 4:35 The Right and Wrong Ways
4:33 – 5:30 Speaker Selection and Sound Signatures
5:30 – 7:38 Badge Engineering
7:38 – 10:18 Truth in Marketing – Less is More
10:18 – 11:35 Sound Profiles and Alterations
11:35 – 12:58 Imaging and Key Terms
12:58 – 14:26 Frequency Response
14:26 – 15:31 Harmonic Distortion
15:31 – 16:20 The Law of Diminishing Returns
16:20 – Timing – Impulse and Step Response ..

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  1. That is where BMW gets it right, no rattling plastics to annoy you. Unfortunately their Bowers & Wilkins Diamond is an utter disappointment.

  2. Car audio is one of the most misunderstood topics in the industry. Good overview of why. Look up Andy from Audiofrog. He has a 24 channel setup in his Mercedes. It's tuned to sound good from every seat. It shows that if you know what you're doing and have the budget, you can do wonders with car audio. But 99% of consumers don't care or will never notice a difference, so it's pointless for manufacturers to spend money on it. Just throw a Bose sticker on and bump the bass up.

  3. We all know Bang and ofulsen are junk. Stick to an actual speaker manufacturer like Bowers & Wilkins, Revel, or Meridian.

  4. I can say confidently no matter what your graphs say, some vehicles you said the audio was bad when actually it is quite good. I bought the cheap ass hyundai venue. That system sounds great.

  5. Four way active crossover systems, LFE, woofer, mids, tweeters properly tuned with time alignment and eq 🔥🔥🔥

  6. As an audio engineer, I really welcome this. You have no idea how often I have to explain to people that even some of the highest end car audio is either fancy tech trickery (like a lot of the digital soundstaging you mention), or that it barely comes close to even a broke engineer's studio setup. Then you have to explain that studio audio serves a completely different purpose when you show them your system and it doesn't sound like a child making smiley faces in the EQ section. I also do have to giggle any time you show the freq response charts on any car, especially the high end ones, and it almost always looks horrendously peaky in the various "trick you into it sounding good" ranges. I definitely don't envy the people who have to design those systems.

  7. Measuring from the passenger seat is a massive oversight, it should be from the drivers seat.

  8. Just buy the basic sound setup and upgrade with aftermarket. Factory systems all suck from my experience. You can add components without changing the head unit and still retain your factory look.

  9. I know I'm late to the party, but that's the most informative presentation about audio of any kind (home, auto, etc.) I have ever watched/listened to. I learned a ton from your video. Thanks, Mark.

  10. So where are all the audio reviews? I came here because of them and cant find any at all except for this that basically provides no information at all on various cars.

  11. This is why I hate that car companies are making it so hard now to change your head unit. Ever car I have I always replace everything in the car. I change every speaker in the car. Get a new head unit with 2 amps. One for the speakers and one for the sub. You can buy top notch audio for the insane price car manufacturers charge for their so called premium sound that still is shit.

  12. "Below 60hz in a car its a mess, you can't manage it", lol I appreciate you trying to make this informative video for people who are uneducated on the subject but so many comments you have said throughout the video are incorrect. I would encourage someone who wants to know more about car audio to join a couple of the aftermarket forums such as diymobileaudio, and/or read articles from popular car speaker/system engineers which are available all over the internet. Still take all information lightly, there is a lot of misinformation. "you have a paper cone in a driver…that is going to have a delay in how it projects sound out because of the vibration." The material the cone is made out of does not dictate the performance of the speaker driver nor the delay of sound. Some of the best speakers in the world utilize a paper cone and btw they are not expensive either. You can have a speaker cone made of essentially any material you can choose, as long as you design the motor, basket etc to to coordinate with the variables of the material you choose for the cone, you can have an excellent speaker, vice versa, everything goes hand in hand. A lot of costumers hear the terms carbon fiber, kevlar, etc and automatically assume that makes a speaker inherently better, it does not.

  13. you would think they would get 3rd party car audio companies to make kits for their cars. at least as optional. i prefer spl vs sql mainly because of the music i listen to. they should have that as optional choices, standard, spl or sql. so sound deadening would be part of the spl package. but like you said the panel design etc etc makes a huge difference. if they had it so the speakers could come out of their placements without removing the the door trim that would be the best as it gives the customer the option to swap out components easier. Sadly its all changing with the different versions of cars from the manufacturers. instead of getting a mid range version of a model then choosing optional extras, theyve moved to have 4 or 5 versions that have certain extras. so if you wanted the led head and tail lights then its only available on the top of the range or 2 top versions of that model. same thing with paint choices. its easier for the manufacturer vs all these different optioned up versions of the one car model vs 5, 1 of which is the base model that fleet companies mainly buy.

  14. My audio knowledge peaked at 17 years old by taking all the interior panels off of my '93 Honda Del Sol and absolutely caking the metal surfaces with Dynamat. It actually worked.

  15. One thing i found after test driving and being in cars of the same model but different trim levels and different add on packages.

    Say you have a 2020 Camry. The sound system quality increases retroactiviely as you go higher up in the Trim Levels. So it goes:


    Now the XLE comes with a JDM upgrade option. What i found out after being in both cars with and without that upgrade option, was that it was completely pointless. With or without the JDM upgrade option the sound quality sounds so identical that its pointless to get. However, L and LE sounded way worse than the XLE.

    So if you want the best sound quality option, the highest trim level usually the best choice, but skip the additional sound upgrade option that youll be offered when you already at the top trim. Its a cash grab.

  16. You don’t need 20 drivers/speakers in a sedan&coupes. I like to listen to my music flat. compressed sound like mp3 or 3D whatever it all sounds terrible. Manufacturers should focus in on less speaker’s but higher quality made speakers. And better amps. I like my music to sound analog. And not digital. At home all of my music listening is turn table. And a super hi end digital to analog converter. The problem is most consumers no nothing about real sound quality. And that’s why we are being over charged for things we don’t really need like 20 speaker’s!

  17. Its not possible to have great audio quality in a car so why even try? It all sounds ok but in general the only good thing you can get out of car audio is crazy bass output and I feel like that was not addressed

  18. Bang & Olufsen are a furniture manufacturer not an audio system creator.
    They wrap cheap electronics in quirky exteriors and claim to be high end because of it. They are the equivalent of Amstrad for middle class consumers who have no audio system education and are prey for marketeers. BOSE are very similar and BEATS are just for silly kids with zero clue. B&W ARE the real deal.

  19. Good video. I still haven't heard anything that sounds better than my 2013 Acura TL with the ELS audio system. It always amazes me when I pop in a 5.1 DVD-Audio and the sound comes from all around me.

  20. At 15:07 is the faded line what the audio is supposed to sound like, and then the dark blue line is what it actually sounds like in the car?

  21. So… it seems like it's been 6 months, have you done any of these measurements? I don't see any.

  22. Eh on several topics and why why why measure @ the passenger seat unless that's the seat that you will be in the majority of the time???

  23. It is true, my Altima 2002 basic audio is as good as Bose in maxima 2002. It is all BS when comes to basic car like Toyota, Ford, Nissan, VW, Skoda, Honda, etc. It matters when we moved to Lexus, Daimler, Audio, or BMW.

  24. There's nothing wrong with paper cones. Lmao this is actually fake bullshit. Pro audio systems use paper cones.

  25. Absolute delay in your impulse response of a driver doesn't matter. All of the drivers should be relatively in time. Audio playback in a car isn't a real time system.

  26. I think responsibility has to belong to the audio manufacturers who don’t give a crap what they license to as well.

  27. Imagine my disappointment circa 2014 when I just haaaaaaaad to have JBL audio in my Tundra. Sounded absolutely rubbish. Fast forward to present and the JBL system in my 2020 Tacoma actually sounds pretty damn good. I fell victim to brand marketing. Never again. Btw thanks for this video. Most consumers are closet audiophiles and nobody seems to engage this topic directly. Most reviewers skim over it with a “awesome sounding stereo!” Remark that offers no quantitative Data.

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