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Upgrading Ford Focus Mk3.5 front speakers and Dynamat | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Upgrading Ford Focus Mk3.5 front speakers and Dynamat? Are you looking to see best 3.5 car speakers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Upgrading Ford Focus Mk3.5 front speakers and Dynamat | Best hand tools.

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Upgrading Ford Focus Mk3.5 front speakers and Dynamat

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Removing the door cards, the old drivers. New adaptors, Focal components. Dynamat and putting it all back together. ..

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  1. Dave, made up i found this. I have all the trim tools ready to go. But is this guide relevant to my Mk1 cmax focus 2.0tdci. ?

  2. This is by far the best focus speaker video this was just what I needed to see to start my focus mk3.5 2018 build thankyou for all the info 😃cant wait to start the build just spent over £1200
    On bits for my build
    40 Square sheets of deadmat
    Front & rear alpine type r speakers
    A pioneer 4ch amp
    Lc2i pro line out converter
    4 guage wireing kit
    A twin pioneer 12" active subwoofer

  3. very informative, thank you. Would'nt the foam vapor barrier normally be completly replaced by the dynamat? Best would be two layers of dynamat for covering all the openings in the door. At least, that's how i do it normally.

  4. I am waiting until my stock Sony component sets in my '14 ST need to go in the bin, but I am thinking of doing the sound deadener on the steel, but also on parts of the door cards themselves. I have however added an aftermarket class D Monoblock amplifier (Kicker DXA 250.1) and swapped out the stock 8" Sony subwoofer for an aftermarket one (Kicker 43TCWRT672 6.75" 2 ohm reflex box). It made a big difference in volume, fidelity, and overall bass extension and presence. I would very much recommend adding one to an existing stock Ford Stereo, or use it to replace the OEM sub.

    Also, I love the fact that your video included a walk-n'-talk style presentation, AND…you used hand tools to do most of the work. Powered tools should not be used on interior parts, because it is all to easy to snap/beak/strip the hardware.

    Well done!

  5. Informative for Focus owners, but pleeeeeease Dave tell others to use plastic trim tools for plastic trim, on the whole good work. The amount of times I take the door cards off my audi, I've got loads of clips that ALWAYS break clips.👍

  6. Fabulous tutorial video and super helpful. After seeing this i did a full upgrade of the speakers with dynamat on my 2014 MK3 FOST. I replaced the stock sony ones with Pioneer TS-D65C in the front and rear. Added a new HU sony AX5000 and pioneer DX874 amp too. All i can say is wow. The dynamat make a huge diffrence to eliminate road noise and speaker vibration. I wish i had done this upgrade on my ST years ago.

  7. Hey Dave… Cheers Bro. Your vid allowed me to slap a new set of speakers in and Dynamat the doors because you made it look super simple and gave me confidence to give it a crack. Sony XS-XB1621C.

  8. I have a focus 2015 titanium x with the Sony speakers is there any difference in sound to standard speakers?

  9. Thanks Dave , i will be doing mine in a couple of weeks. Got the bits, just need to find the time.

  10. Good video but you missed the most important part on how to actually wire them. Fitting sound deadening is easy compared to wiring the speakers.

  11. You can buy adaptors. You didnt need to cut the stock speaker connector

    You should add "fast rings" too

  12. Hi
    My car door interior rattles when the music is loud
    Will this method help reduce the rattling?
    Im thinking il need to pack and wedge the plastic panels
    Great video

  13. Thanks for the video, good information about car audio. I've got a mk3.5 Focus and I've changed the ACM (radio unit) with one from Kuga models (code starts with cv4t-). The new sound is much better,it's amplified. It's a nice upgrade and it's not expensive. Plus it's got a low signal output for subwoofer.

  14. Great video! Very informational and I’m sure it will help many!

    For knowledge sake, I’d like to add that here in the states there are some keen differences between our Mk3.5 models. In addition to the Torx screws, on the bottom of the front two door panels there are two 7mm hex head screws as well. Also, we don’t have those fine quality foam vapor barriers, we just have a plastic sheet😂 the RS does have the foam, though, but that’s probably because it’s made in Germany so quality is expected. For my rear component set, I didn’t even think of the gap at the top of the door panel, so that’s definitely helpful for those that would like to easily mount a smaller crossover!

    One note I’ll add is that crossovers, especially the ones with higher quality speakers like Focal, Audison, JL, etc. are driver specific. It won’t hurt anything and you’ll probably never notice if you’re using a different crossover than what came with them, but matching crossovers are optimal.

    Also, if you want to go beyond the Dynamat, invest in some FAST rings! They’re just foam surrounds that help drive the sound into the cabin instead of inside the door so your mid-bass performance skyrockets! They’re usually about $15-20 (US) here so it’s a very inexpensive upgrade!

    Again, great video, I’ll definitely tune in for more! 👍🏻

  15. I've got a MK3.5 Focus ST and have been been contemplating upgrading the stock speakers for a couple months now. Best speaker upgrade vid I've seen for sure, I will be referring to this guide when I sort my speakers out.

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