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Variator Weights Misconception QUICK TIP – Somewhat Daily Stuffing | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Variator Weights Misconception QUICK TIP – Somewhat Daily Stuffing? Are you looking to see transmission weights? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Variator Weights Misconception QUICK TIP – Somewhat Daily Stuffing | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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Variator Weights Misconception QUICK TIP – Somewhat Daily Stuffing

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More weight, more top speed.
Less weight, better acceleration.

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  1. I bought weights from my Vespa dealer. I put them in and my bike is slow going up hill.
    I can't remember what colour they are. Yellow or green.
    I think I took out yellow ones and put in new green ones.

    I want to replace them, but don't want to get the wrong ones again. I have a 2014 primavera 125.
    I thought the new weights felt a little heavier, than the old ones, but I'm not sure which
    Colour the new ones were, only that they are green or yellow?

  2. good explaination.. people forget that the variator spin on the crankle.. modifing weights and change with a more performance variator is equal to lightening a flywheel. higher rpm without a correct calculation isn't a good choice, risk of overspeed is dangerous. remember.. at high rpm the torque.. decrease.

  3. Excellently explained. How can I check where is the peak power delivered on my scooter without any testing equipment?

  4. I had lighter weights in mine and prefer the heavier 5 gram weights with my sons set up. 3gram weights just made it rev and snap like crazy.

  5. Hi @2stroke stuffing, I hope you read this. Would you recommend keeping the variator at peak horse power rpm, at peak torque rpm, or perhaps somewhere in the middle? Love the video by the way. No blabla, but short and to the point. Cheers!

  6. makes a lot of sense but how do i find out which one is right?
    why do companies not just put the right weights in the bike in the first place

  7. Electric scooters. I ride an E-moving iE125. It goes from 0-50km/h in 3.9 seconds and can reach 102km/h before the overheating warning appears. It uses 6 19g weights. For electric motors, max torque is at zero rpm. So, should I try heavier weights for better performance?

  8. Hello I'm from Greece I have a sym symphony sr 150… I put the tech pulley flying rollers 2..10gr as the original weight but I haven't see any difference… Why is that? All the people I ask before buy the thech pulley rollers they said to me that the performance will improve…

  9. But shifting at higher rpm gives more power🤷‍♂️.you don't see nascar drivers shifting at 5k rpm.correct me if I'm wrong🤔

  10. thank you so much i was gonna buy lighter weights (im actually a biker never ridden a scooter) but i just wanted to check if you had any videos and you did and i figured out i need heavier weights

  11. i tried tuning my scooter
    the damn thing variates at 8,000rpm
    consumes lots of gas but it sure does accelerate good

  12. How would I go about finding the RPMs of my scooter? I'm new to this all and feel lost at times. What are some recommendations for increasing overall top speed? I can get my scooter up to 35 mph; however, I would like to reach 50/55 mph. Any website or channel recommendations for beginners?

  13. Just to double check, and I know I'm unlikely to get a response on such an old video, but I've just picked up an old Italjet to tinker with… When you say "shift at peak power" do you mean that it shifts INTO peak power, or shifts gear once it reaches peak power?

  14. Whan you upgrade to a big bore kit does this change the power band drastically or or will it be relatively close to the same as the powerband when the bike was stock? I have been tuning my scooter with an 80cc bbk on it and it's been tough to decide on what sliders to use in my Dr pulley variator. With 6gm sliders I can reach 8000 rpms downhill and with 6.5gm I hit Max of 7400 rpm. What rpm would you say is to high and most likely skipping over the power band for a 139 qmb 50cc 4stroke? Any input would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance.

  15. I have a fes125 and when I am at full throttle the bike feel like it is pulling back, so I have to release and hold the throttle just under full throttle to stop this, can I do anything so I can just keep it full6 with out juggling with the throttle

  16. Hey there,

    I am new to most of this. How do you approach figuring out what your machines peak RPM is, and then further matching the weights to achieve that?

  17. All a variator does is keep the rate of rpm stable at the rpm you desire. The lower the weight, the less centrifugal force, the higher the rpm. If you don't understand the principal of a CVT transmission you will never understand this. Search CVT transmission explained on YouTube.

  18. So whats the actual way to make scooters faster without conversion kits for bigger engine capacity?I have a 50 cc lpg scooter and i want it go faster than 35 mph

  19. So to get my 50cc 4t honda Zoomer better acc and get my 85kg body faster up a hill i need heavy weights or light?

  20. Ok so what weights will i use to gain speed from acceleration and top speed?? Please let me know anyone

  21. In gearless scooters, should we apply little bit of grease on round shaped rollers and roller-grooves in variator for smooth spinning of rollers in variator?
    Or will it make more issues after some time like dust deposit, sides of rollers get flat faster, vibrations will increase etc ?
    Please tell what should we do with proper reason.

  22. you just negated yourself on the beginning, because lighter weights do mean more acceleration because ur variator opens later due to the centrifugal force on the weights not being strong enough, heavier weights will make ur variator open faster and since heavier weights can benefit more from the c force and open ur variator more creating a larger diameter pulley = higher gear ratio = more top speed , but choosing the correct weights makes a world of difference and is a bit of a science in it self

  23. Light roll not right light roll right what the fuck up going on YouTube u ass holes company know better than u ass holes

  24. Heavier rollers or lighter can't make topspeed increased, but weighy of the rollers is show when they are can shift the gear….
    Lighter rollers make ur variator opens slowly late, it means make ur gear at lower positions longer, n make ur bike felt little aggresive….
    Heavier roller make ur variator opens very soon n make ur gear at high positions even ur bike stands at low rpm, maybe it can make ur bike felt boggie little bit….

    Are this is true?

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