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VAX Dual Power Pro carpet cleaner: How to use | Cheapest cleaning accessories.

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VAX Dual Power Pro carpet cleaner: How to use
VAX Dual Power Pro carpet cleaner: How to use

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  1. My sister has asked me to look at her Vax because it's faulty. The motor works intermittently and sounds fine when it actually works so I'm wondering if it's just a loose connection in the electrics. She says she has lost the warranty if it is still covered and I'm wary of getting charged over the odds for repair. If anyone can offer advice I'd be truly grateful. Thanks

  2. Don't know if someone can help me. I have the same carpet cleaner shown in this video and every time I go to use it the clean water with shampoo dispenses to quickly and is empty in minutes. Wasn't like this when I first brought it. I think I may have caused the damage by first using washing up liquid on a stubborn stain then using the carpet cleaner to get it up :( the foam was thick white. Is they a part i need to order? And replace. Help would be much appreciated as I can't afford to buy another

  3. Gross. Throw that dirty water down the loo, not the sink where you also prepare food, that’s unsanitary man.

  4. I wish it did everything and I didn't need to press a button to let the product out 😣. The only button I need to press, is power button 😅

  5. Just done mine 3 hours ago but didn't do the rinse bit! =O Kinda glad i didn't though as it says it dries in under an hour and mine still hasn't dried in 3 hours. So glad i didn't add even more water to it.

  6. I have this Vax washer …. and I'm like mum not happy … so much loud working ,very heavy ,and not collecting water good … so I waste mine moneys… plus the brushes down they no working till to u no pushing

  7. My Vax dual power carpet washer has No easy way of cleaning the business end where all the muck gathers and its only a few years old, Disgraceful feel as though I've been ripped off. Check ease of cleaning before buying.

  8. Literally on this video because my wife is away for the weekend and left me with the kids. They have got BBQ sauce everywhere ! This vax thing better save my life…

  9. For some reason, my machine doesn't seem to suck up the water on very short pile carpets..

  10. So then, I have this exact model, why does it only pick up water going forwards (which it does well) when clearly this says it is meant to do it backwards

  11. Can you power it up and use the brushes to disturb the shag and all the dog hairs in the pile before using the household vacuum cleaner to then hoover up the loose dog hairs on the surface. Then perform and wash the carpets. ?  I noticed that when I turned mine on for the very first time the amount of dog hairs it disturbed in the carpet was unreal. Is this safe to run just to disturb the muck in the pile first ?

  12. i have a vax carpet washer Rapide supreme for sale never used oni to test it works can have it for £100 1st come 1st serve barnsley area message for any info on 07873965648 thanks Gareth..

  13. i run a carpet cleaning business, I use this machine for the stairs  and for the other rooms I use a rug doctor pro x3

  14. I've got one. It works well-enough, but needs constant emptying and re-filling even for one large room. It leaves the carpet slightly damp, which is a vast improvement on industrial machines, that normally leave the floors too wet. The auto-mix for the solution tends to work in favour of the company though, as it goes through two small bottles for a large room carpet, which means you have to buy a fair amount of solution to do a whole house. Overall, it is portable, easy to store, and does what it says.

  15. This is the very best in equipment than you can buy to run a carpet cleaning business. I've read it on Gumtree.

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