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Walkie Talkie 27km Range Test – PMR446 0.5 Watt | List of best hand tools

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Walkie Talkie 27km Range Test – PMR446 0.5 Watt | List of best garden tools for you.

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Walkie Talkie 27km Range Test - PMR446 0.5 Watt
Walkie Talkie 27km Range Test – PMR446 0.5 Watt

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A line of sight 27km signal test of Motorola and Retevis PMR446 and dPMR446 0.5 Watt walkie-talkies.

This test uses the Motorola XT420, Motorola XT660d, Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme and the Retevis RT24. It was filmed between Selsley Common, UK (elevation 200m) and Tidenham Chase, UK (elevation 200m).

All devices were fully charged and we used PMR channel 07 with a CTCSS of 107.2Hz.

Thanks to Steve for his help.

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  1. Find out how the Germans accurately bombed England using line of sight radio frequency from over 400 miles away. The Germans knew we don't live on a ball

  2. Hmmm. Being the exact same height above sea level you two should be hidden by approximately 100 feet of earth curvature.
    More evidence of a flat plane existence.

  3. What walkie talkies would you recommend for a 10 mile range because i would like for me and my friend to be able to talk to each other from our houses. But without them being too expensive

  4. NOTE: this only means that the cheaper brand (e.g. Baofeng) or the more expensive brand (e.g. Motorola) of 0.5 watts FRS (US) / PMR (Europe) radios/walkie talkies are ALL the SAME (i.e. in range/s).

    the only difference is their form/style/design factor.

  5. Hi I got the yellow walkie-talkie and I didn't try them yet up the mountain but I try them soon

  6. hello guys, thanks for your video, i am about to buy some walkie talkies for our motorbiker friends for get connected while we are riding, this video help me a lot, but i`d like to ask also which video editor did you use for edit the video which is able this PiP swap function?

  7. I recently purchased the XT180 part of a 2pack, it was £75 reduced from £150, the XT180 is the sister set to the T80, they're identical except the T80 is yellow with black strips and the XT180 is Black with yellow strips, it is good to know they are capable of 27km but its a shame its not great at 10km and less, in heavily built up areas and large warehouse environments they are only capable of 1km, i have been trying to find out if i can remove the antenna to replace it for a higher range antenna, but sadly i think the standard might be glued on to prevent tampering.

  8. You just can't beat the RT24 price wise, I have 18 of them and never had a problem with a single one of them. And we also use them in bad weather. Would be interesting to see how far you could push the RT24 when changing the output power from 0,5w to 2w. Can be done with the programming cable and the retevis software. I never tried it cause I only use them within a range of 3km.

  9. That's very impressive. Assuming a uniformly spherical radiated output of 500mW by the transmitter, and a surface area of 10cm squared for the receiving antenna, the power received at 27km is just 1/18 of a trillionth of a watt. It's a good thing radio waves don't travel at the speed of sound, otherwise you'd have been waiting 2 minutes and 38 seconds for a response.

  10. I saw two things that is affecting your contact. One is, some of the noise is a little wind noise across the mic. Two is, moving around from one place to another. Even by turning around and facing a different direction will change the reception. A step in any direction can change the quality of the signal. Could make a bad signal better or a good signal bad. I always find that "sweet spot" and stay there.

  11. Yes location and line of sight is the main thing, I regularly receive the data from Weather Balloons on 404 MHz, at distances up to 400 Km, and they transmit only 60 mW. They are of course very high above ground, up to 30000 Metres.

  12. I like my t480.. I’m guessing that it’s the gmrs version. Mine has worked at 12.6 miles and from inside an apartment building

  13. Most hand held radios will perform exactly the same way in that environment. Especially standing up on a hill.

  14. So nice… when I have 13 years old I speak with someone from Mexico and I was in Puerto Rico… in base with my Cobra…great memories

  15. You say "I can imagine that if you put a single tree in the line, the signal will drop off". Why didn't you do that? There are many trees around.

  16. Please try even more range ! Thanks ! Good background music also ! Can you try to run on more than 0.5 Watts for just some tries ??

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