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Warning Signs Of A Failing Alternator On Your Car | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Warning Signs Of A Failing Alternator On Your Car? Are you looking to see alternator voltage too high? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Warning Signs Of A Failing Alternator On Your Car | Latest information about hand tools.

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Warning Signs Of A Failing Alternator On Your Car
Warning Signs Of A Failing Alternator On Your Car

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  1. Mine first it started with this sound which was quite foreign but I couldn't locate where it was coming from. Then it increased the next thing my battery went flat jump started it and drove a small distance then the battery light came up on the dash immediately I realized it was the altanator so I assumed that were the sound was coming from so I replaced the alternator it's now working but the sound is still coming out what might be the problem before it damages again the alternator help help

  2. Just broke down last week on Friday my dashboard signals emergency lights stereo all went out on me thank God my dad and uncle are part time mechanic's I just brought a new alternator on Walmart.com and another new fan belt so I'll be bk on the road this weekend thank God plus my battery light came on as well my first thought was that my battery was going dead til I realize after my van cut bk off after getting 3 jumps that then I realize that it was most definitely my alternator

  3. You are the only video that professionally explained the issue I am experiencing. Thank you.

  4. I have the same exact car year and model and same exact noise. Do you recommend a rebuild on the alternator? I found a kit with about 5 small pieces including two bearings to replace the worn ones with. It’s $46

  5. My car had a bad alternator and just shut down on the highway , been replaced with a brand new one but am afraid it might happen again.

  6. Says the person with the car that runs like S*** and knocks. First and last video I waste my time with from this guy. Some vehicles the pcm limits the charge to 12.X volts when demand is low. Knowledge is key.

  7. My Polo Vivo is flickering the battery light when turn ignition. Also not charging the battery. I replaced the alternator but the problem remains. What might be the problem?

  8. Bro. You are a great character for helping and entertaining your audience.
    Keep the great work

  9. Huh, my alternator gave zero warning. Just driving along one day and it said "To whom it may concern, screw you, I quit." Just before that point, the gauge read fine and there was no battery light.

  10. My battery light came on as well as my ABS, brake and airbag light came on And my Window won’t roll down no more and my fog lights went out as well. I just want to make sure it’s my alternator before replacing it.

  11. Nice video! . Thanks . I have a Suzuki sx4 2012 crossover . When I start the engine I have 14.2 volts . But sometimes while I'm driving at 650 or 700 rpm the voltage drops to 12.4volts. .even though at night with the headlights on or off . Is that normal ?. I mean I thought it was supposed to be 14.1 or 13. Something all the time.. ? . Thanks

  12. That's a very helpful video. Wish all the videos that I have watched were this helpful 👍🏼👍🏼

  13. Nice I think mine is bad it went out in 6 months cause I think I used the cheapest alternator :/ is it good idea to use the cheapest alternator ??

  14. Thank You for easily Explaining this.
    My Honda Pilot started showing symptoms of slow windows and dim headlights, and the Alternator started that same whining sound, like the one in your Video. Thank you for teaching things so CLEARLY.
    You are the BEST!!!

  15. My 02 RSX Type S died on me while driving but before it all my dash light came on and my gauges dropped to 0. Radio stopped and then car shut off and wouldn’t turn back on. I swapped the alternator and battery twice and still having tbt same issue. Any idea what it may be?

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