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Washer Drain Clog: Attempt One | List of the Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Washer Drain Clog: Attempt One? Are you looking to see washing machine drains too fast? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Washer Drain Clog: Attempt One | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Washer Drain Clog: Attempt One
Washer Drain Clog: Attempt One

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  1. If the clog is further down the system, that short snake will not do the job. What needs to be invented is something that will go the entire length of your drain system. Top Loaders pumping out water too damn fast for the system to handle is the problem. The front loader that I had before never overfilled the system. Top loader manufacturers just don't get it. The drain pump doesn't need to be on steroids to drain the washer.

  2. Some newer Wash Machines have a Higher Pump Discharge overpowering the drain.
          — If after verifying drain pipe AND vent are clean and not blocked —
    — STOP wash machine discharge overflow with the use of a rubber Adapter and Siphon Break —
    1. Adapter, Standpipe – 36878 — Rubber adapter will slide down into a standard size 2 in OR smaller standpipe which will block overflow after hose assembly connection is inserted.  Note cost of item varies drastically.
    2. Siphon Break — 285320 — Each end is 1-1/16 OD for 1 in ID hose connection.  Install one end to wash machine discharge hose (With clamp and adapter if needed) with the vent end in the vertical position.  Connect other end from Siphon Break with 1 in ID hose and extend down into rubber adapter on standpipe. A 15 dollar Break is the same as a 40 dollar one. I would not use the Adapter to block discharge without also using a Siphon Break.

  3. FOLLOW UP — Clean drain OR vent pipe out by flushing with a garden hose and drain cleaning bladder — 
    Google — Drain Cleaning rubber bladder — sold in different sizes. The better brand is a Drain King with the metal end that flushes the best.  Next check YouTube for using one with a garden hose — NOT a air compressor.

    Use by inserting bladder attached to a garden hose just  a short way into a pipe opening – THEN have someone turn on the water to the hose. The bladder will expand and force water thru the pipe. Turn off water, badder will deflate and allow removal OR if the pipe assembly will allow, you can push the bladder further into the pipe – turn the water on – flush – turn water off – deflate – etc.  Just pushing the bladder down the drain will help clean out the pipe. The more you flush – deflate – push in – flush – deflate the better.

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  5. Is there one 'how to' video that doesn't first have a doctorial dissertation before doing the actual job?

  6. You are so cute!!!!! You made me forget all about my drain problems. Please keep posting. I'm subscribed.

  7. At Walmart they sell the 15 ft. snakes for $14.00-$16.00. I considered buying one for my drain but is it worth the money just to use it once?

  8. This is like the beging of a porno, i thought her step brother was gonna come home and unclog her pipes.

  9. Why did you bother posting this if it didn't show us how to solve the problem? Deceptive click bait.

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