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We installed an Android 10 inch touchscreen in a 14 year old Honda Accord (and it's awesome!) | List of best hand tools for you

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We installed an Android 10 inch touchscreen in a 14 year old Honda Accord (and it's awesome!) | List of best hand tools for you.

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We installed an Android 10 inch touchscreen in a 14 year old Honda Accord (and it's awesome!)
We installed an Android 10 inch touchscreen in a 14 year old Honda Accord (and it's awesome!)

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Information related to the topic We installed an Android 10 inch touchscreen in a 14 year old Honda Accord (and it's awesome!).

CAUTION: many users have reported issues with this unit. We would encourage you to purchase elsewhere from other brands.

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Hey Everyone,

As you know we are BMW Specific, however, we had a family member that could really use a new radio, so we’ve partnered with Seicane to bring you this video on how to install their 10.1” ANDROID touchscreen in your 2003-2007 Honda Accord.

Thanks for watching and please try everything at your own risk. If you’re interested in a professional installation by Kies Motorsports, please click here:

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  1. Theres so many of these types for honda accord. So many brands. Is the android version important? Theres 9.1 android os version to 10.1 etcc. Which one should be the best or best brand cause all of them looks and function the sane

  2. I swear these units are junk AC climate controls wont work correctly and im thinking that these units are seeking alot of problems with the AC systems. on my accord AC would not shut off i have the single zone AC controls but what i did notice and had my suction line all frozed up because the compressor wasnt cycling to maintain a normal temp and no joke my AC was blowing out at 24°F. Now i know with the original radio for the accords the green male plug connector for the AC system has 22 pins inside of it and the wiring harness only has 19 pins for the new unit so i wonder if that would be the issue?? im tempted to send this unit back however i did put my stock radio back in the car so my AC can work properly because its way to hot out to be with out any feedback would be helpful. thanks

  3. Does the honda logo show up by default when you turn it on for the first time?? That's exactly what I want to happen.

  4. Is it a bad design of the radio I'm not sure it's a good thing when you have to use double-sided tape to secure your radio

  5. Hi do I put the same radio on my honda accord 03 but now the heather isn't working how could I make it work

  6. Do the Buttons for the AC Controls Under the Touch Screen Portion of this Unit Not Light Up?

  7. If you pop the metal clips off of the old radio tabs where it fits into the dash, they'll fit on this radio so you don't have to tape it in. I've bought 2 of these radios and they were both junk and have sent them back.

  8. I got the same setup but my a.c and heat controls wont do anything when pressed on the screen.any idea why that wouldnt work?

  9. This is so cool question do you just plug in the wires for the radio or connect and then do the rest

  10. Hey did the controls for the air condition illuminate at night? I couldnt tell on the video..

  11. I have a 04 and I just hit 90,000 I know it's incredible I don't drive much anyway I wanted to know you said it explains itself because it's color coded but what about all the extra wires you obviously just don't use them and if that's the case why I put them in the back of the stereo? And also I noticed there are two green connections the blue one is by itself so that's kind of obvious are the two green ones the same exact or are they shaped differently?

  12. I have a 2006 Honda Accord EX V6 NV and I just got this installed. There is about a centimeter wide gap in between my air vents and the top of the screen. Do you know why it might be doing this?

  13. Ok my car is Honda Accord V6 4dr 2005 my already have gps so at my car can I setting this 10 inch radio?p

  14. I have the same accord but mines 2005 EXL and I have a white harness piece beside the blue one that connects to the button of the stock radio but my aftermarket one has no harness and spot for it

  15. How about control buttons down there ??
    I mean all the fan and air conditioning buttons as they are not lighting
    Do they light or shine at night????

  16. Very good video. I hope the Seicane unit works well. Their online reviews are not good. Many ppl seem to have issues with it's interface with the AC and heat. There is another brand called Xtrons that has a better review.

  17. Installed one. Everything works except temp controls. No heat! AC works at lowest temperature, but can't raiser temperature.

  18. I brought the same radio but I have a white plug i had to leave unplugged am I missing a part the dashboard don’t give me outside temperature anymore or do I have to live with it

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