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What Is The Coolest Blade Shape & Most Useful Knife Blade Style? | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject What Is The Coolest Blade Shape & Most Useful Knife Blade Style?? Are you looking to see knife shapes? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

What Is The Coolest Blade Shape & Most Useful Knife Blade Style? | Latest information about hand tools for you.

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What Is The Coolest Blade Shape & Most Useful Knife Blade Style?
What Is The Coolest Blade Shape & Most Useful Knife Blade Style?

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  1. My favorite blade type is tanto. As for most useful, this depends on the task at hand, but a standard drop point is probably the most versatile. Like I said though, it depends highly on the task, all blade styles have areas they excel and areas they fail.

  2. most usefull blade shape for me is the clip point BUT not the if it is so comedically over the top that the pont of the knife is pointing up , i want my knife to be a good stabber and if the point is pointing up while i am thusting forward .. well that is just dumb . As for esthetics i love the tonto blades , they look like samurai swords , they are still verry good at stabing , not the best for skinning or butchering game , but just look so cool in my eyes . BONUS NACHOS , my least liked blade shape is the carambit . it is made for a specific purpose , it is verry good at what it was made for , but outside of that it just looks wrong and is quite usseles to me

  3. My favorite blade shape for a long time of collecting knives is American tantos. I love clip points but not like broad American modified tantos. It's looks awesome and the extra angle is super useful in using it for me, love the way it cuts. If I needed just one shape, any size, this would be it. Also I prefer American tantos to be broad in blade profile, not skinny 💙

    ~Cold steel code 4
    ~ Crkt Ruger stage
    ~ Tops steel eagle tanto
    ~ cold steel gi tanto
    ~ Kabar ZK Famine tanto 😍

  4. I think the best looking blades are persian style blades, such as the Ganzo 712, Benchmade Bedlam, Cold Steel Talwar or the Cold Steel Scimitar Spike… etc.

    I happen to like leaf-shaped blades tho because of the huge belly they have (and is also similar to the belly of a persian blade) such as a Condor Barong or the Spyderco Sage/Superleaf/Manix.

    When it comes down to it, just get what works and looks good to you, and you will be happy.

  5. You gotta love a beautiful classic sabre clip point blade.
    Check out some of the Northfield jack patterns, those sabre clip blades are gorgeous.
    I think the most generally useful blade shape would be the clip point. Whether it be a sabre clip, long clip, California clip, sodbuster style clip, Turkish clip…ect they're just so universally useful and there are variations to suite your needs.
    Close second to would be drop point.
    Btw do you own a Buck 110 yet ?

  6. Gotta go with Americanized tanto and kukri for fav looks but for light-medium EDC tasks and self defence a traditional Japanese tanto can't be beat IMO

  7. In my experience, my fav is a drop point, and the most useful is an Americanized tanto.

  8. GOOD choise;-)) Sitting here with my new Boker arbolito el gigante(micarta) and really agree's with you.))

  9. please dont ever try a clickbait thumbnail again….lol jk its your channel do what you please and we'll all accept it

    That being said I agree with you. Click point blades to me just look classy and sexy.

  10. Either Tanto or Hawk bill they're both super useful and versatile and they're both very sexy and aesthetically pleasing

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