What Makes People Do Bad Things? | Julia Shaw | RSA Replay | Top-bought cleaning accessories

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What Makes People Do Bad Things? | Julia Shaw | RSA Replay | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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What Makes People Do Bad Things? | Julia Shaw | RSA Replay
What Makes People Do Bad Things? | Julia Shaw | RSA Replay

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Why do we think and do ‘evil’? What can science teach us about the true nature of good and bad behaviour? And what do our reactions to deviance teach us about ourselves?

Drawing together science, psychology and philosophy, UCL academic and expert in criminal behaviour, Julia Shaw, unlocks the intricacies of the world of criminal psychology. She warns us that without understanding and empathy we risk dehumanising people simply because we cannot comprehend them. Grappling with thorny dilemmas from ‘Would I kill baby Hitler?’ to ‘Why do I want to murder my spouse?’ Shaw will give you a better understanding of the world, yourself, and your Google search history.

Shaw uses the topics of serial murderers, terrorism, sexual assault, technology and the morals we live by day to day to determine the true basis of bad behaviour. ..

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  1. One severe problem with Julia Shaw: It's probable that she received preferential treatment (due to her attractive looks) all her life, which might explain why she had an easy career and why she has self-confidence. She basically lives in a constant delusional state of mind, she doesn't grasp that she really is NOT a legit scientist who produces valuable research. When you are highly attractive like her, you don't even need to be in touch with reality. You don't have to be innovative or talented in order to succeed in academia, it's fully sufficient to just reiterate second hand information from legit researchers in an infotainment way of presentation. She is essentially an "academic It girl" who grabs the research of actual scientists to built her pop shows and publications around them. She does not really contribute or create knowledge herself.

  2. Great intelligence and beauty. She hit the genetic lottery. I'm very interested in how she would reform the prison system towards rehabilitation. Maybe there should only be mental health facilities, although I still believe society needs the death penalty.

  3. For right winged people, who are interested in deviant/destructive behaviour among so called 'normal' people, a good read would be The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil by Philip Zimbardo. He's not afraid to use the word evil, and analyses it in a way that involves rational empathy, without unnecessary unscientific sympathy, thus avoiding modern two-faced world view of 'everyone deserves forgiveness as long as their acts don't affect myself or the ones I hold dear'.

  4. A very bright and light footed handling of controversial topics. Especially the vulnerability of her own secret family past contributes toward having open conversations. The way she handles the conversation makes it very hard to engage in ‘ shut-down-rage’ as often is done. Shut-down-rage is a kind of agresssion to prevent someone from coming up with a thoughtful argument. It also prevents prevention, innovation and other meaningful reactions to ‘evil-doing’ . Be it individual or systemic challenges. When you actually visit a prison it is quite sobering to see that there isn’t an easy line between us and them. That said politics if often not honest in making real in debt conversations. Nudging peoples believe systems is backfiring because it gives a false sense of dealing with the ‘ dirty work’ we have to do as a society as a whole.It might be that technology makes it more and more urgent to have conversations that regard building character, dealing with emotions etc. because these things are the basis of how we treat others. Online and offline. However online can have much more impact because of the scale of damage it can cause. Maybe for the next book conversation starters and how to do such conversations might be helpful for many people. Or how to recognise a ‘ philosopher’; they most often don’ t shy away from talking about taboos or belief systems. Again start with ‘ Why’.

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