What Seam Sealer Should I Use On My Drip Rails Of My Old Car Or Truck? | Cheapest cleaning accessories

Are you searching for the subject What Seam Sealer Should I Use On My Drip Rails Of My Old Car Or Truck?? Are you looking to see seam filler? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

What Seam Sealer Should I Use On My Drip Rails Of My Old Car Or Truck? | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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What Seam Sealer Should I Use On My Drip Rails Of My Old Car Or Truck?
What Seam Sealer Should I Use On My Drip Rails Of My Old Car Or Truck?

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What Seam Sealer Should I Use On My Drip Rails Of My Old Car Or Truck? DIY Automotive Projects With My Friend Pete And SWRNC/DIY AUTO SCHOOL. Restoring Cars and Trucks. Learning How To Seal Up Welded Seams. What Kind Of Seam Sealer Should I Use? Tech Tips and Helpful Hints For Paint And Body Do It Yourself Projects.
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  1. When your rails start to drip, seal them up RIGHT! Now check out the merchandise shelf above this comment and get some shirts to help SUPPORT My Friend Pete and DIY AUTO SCHOOL! Thanks for the SUPPORT…

  2. Thanks Pete, now I can fix that leak on my bronco two drip rail front windshield pillar post area all the way back! It was hard to find the inside carpet leak! Cracked caulking drip rail! 👍

  3. Single part seam sealer on an exterior application? Maybe you should be lurnin instead of teechin

  4. Some state it's easier to pull of the tape when the sealer isn't hardened out. That way you won't ripp or pull it out. Do you have feedback on that?

  5. Hey Pete I got question,do you think putting bondo on the c pillar and inside windshield channel is good idea? It came only primed and painted from factory ,my body shop is spending countless hours on petching up the channels for the windshield I don't know what the f*** is going on…?

  6. Question. Looks like you have primer down. Is that necessary? My car (55 Mercury Monterey) is completely down to bare metal. Should it be coated first? Also what is your name? I'd like to follow you on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks

  7. The great info just keeps on a comin'. Minnie, you do a real good job with the video, I appreciate what you and Pete do for the little guy that doesn't have much to work with. One of the best channels on YouTube. I'd do more but this heat and humidity is killing me!

  8. You forget to tell us exactly what product this is from Roberto , is couldn’t see the part number on the front of it .

  9. Was that a rust hole in at the bottom of the drip rail or was it my eyes playing tricks?!

  10. Looks like you missed the last inch of seam on the bottom of the passenger side(13:20 mark). Will that cause any problem?

  11. So about 3 hours to pull the tape? Wait till it's hard? I just did one side of my truck and It was either too late (half an hour) or too soon.

  12. Hahaha. Get all props together. Hmm. I use that line in drama too!! Nothing like doing a scene and no prop!!lol. No worries. Nice break.;)

  13. My friend Pete I have no problems with my seams…. I have F###'n problem with my 2 year old damn moen shower handle!!! That SOB done went ,and broke on me when I was going to take a shower…SHIT!!!! I had to take it apart ,and use pliers to turn it on ,and off…. Now I ask you is this shit my fault?! No!!! Lifetime warrenty my ass!!! I went to the hardware store to get another handle ,and guess F###'n what!!! THEY DIDN"T HAVE THE DAMN THANG!!! Now I'm stuck using a lifetime shower head with no handle. Aint that some shit from the clowns at MOEN!!! Now this isn't something I can just replace it with another kit! Hell NO!!! Because I have tile I just installed 2 years ago on the walls so I have to put another SHITTY HANDLE ON IT!!! This is my Freind and your friend Rob saying…MOEN SUCKS!!! Good bye!!!

  14. I've found that if you pull the tape when it is still wet, the edges will 'self level' a bit instead of being a sharp edge when you pull the tape – using 'Fast and Firm'

  15. great video and well explained – Thanks! Silly q – would this same seam sealer be used on the inside bottom edge of a folded door skin? Thanks again – love this channel Pete! I used to think SEM and PPG were the only options – you've opened my eyes.

  16. I still look forward to watching you in action. You have a great skill as a teacher. i never forget anything i learn from you! Snakeoil24

  17. Your the Man! Your videos are helping me restore my 70 Chevelle SS to it's former glory. Body work is tough a ton of work. Thanks for the tips!!

  18. Came across your channel and started watching, I have a 71 C10 that I need to reseal the drip rails this video helped. And I see you are in the Denton country area as well.. I live in Lewisville. I would love to drop by your shops one day and check it out.

  19. 3m bare metal seam sealer. It cures flat as glass and is easy to apply as long as applicator is coated with spirit wipe or lacquer. Doesnt expand or contract when curing either, nor when painted

  20. Very smooth you make it look easy lol. Question and I hope it doesn't sound stupid, but can you seal it with primer instead of seam sealer or would that not work as well. P.s. your both cool pete and minnie

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