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What Tools you need to start In Heavy equipment repair | Best hand-held repair tools

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What Tools you need to start In Heavy equipment repair | Newly updated handsets.

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What Tools you need to start In Heavy equipment repair

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If you’re looking to get in to heavy equipment repair. This is what you need for tools to start. If you have any thing to add to this video please comment below. it doesn’t need to be all snap on to start. you can buy and brand to start. if you are looking to get in to working on construction equipment as as mechanic or technician check this out Thank you ..

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auto mechanic tools and equipment list


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  1. I just started my First equipment technician job last week I’ve been operating for about three years I work at Sunbelt rentals now and I can say a great start for me was a Kobalt kit at Lowe’s it has everything you need to get decent start don’t stress about not knowing what to need right off the bat you’ll slowly realize what you’ll need but one thing I highly recommend going ahead and getting is a electric grease gun you’ll thank me later

  2. Best suggestion was the fluke! I have the same model and I love being able to remove the screen and operate the tractor and watch the voltages. Most important tool I have bought. I'm a John Deere field mechanic

  3. great advice I had master technician was just like u he help me and trained me bin doing it 20 years now at Caterpillar great video thanks

  4. Been in the industry since I was a child operator and mechanic! Cordless and metric on 1990 and later all. Laptop and property software on all major brands… ball Allen's break off ball in fastener faster! In doubt ask before you screw up! Work in a qualified shop if possible go to school and keep learning ,the industry is constantly changing . Multimeter is the standard free -ranging !

  5. Hey man I’m currently senior in high school going into heavy equipment wondering if tekton is a good tool company I’ve Hurd great things and bad things about them not sure if you’ve Hurd of them what are the best brands that aren’t snap on price! Thanks

  6. Loadpro test leads with a multimeter are awesome. You can instantly load a circuit using system voltage and read the voltage drop on the meter. I use loadpro leads every day.

  7. As a retired heavy equipment mechanic, the most important and versatile tool is the torque multiplier.

  8. BS as an heavy duty diesel mechanic I use 1/4 drive all the time for heater hoses and everything else

  9. Hi The Heavy Wrench,

    Great video you have produced here, I really enjoyed it, great content. I particularly enjoyed the whole video describing your whole tool kit starting at 1:00. Also talking about tool cost. I felt it was really informative and you really brought the point across well. Your point at 15:00 about volt drop and use of a test lamp is regularly overlooked and not often understood. I am really interested in engineering and have had a career in engineering for over 28 years from everything from starting as a mechanics assistant to now a Project Manager. I enjoy sharing my skills and knowledge as well with others like yourself. I have provide training to others and had apprentices work with me to kick start there careers. I have started my own channel to share some of my knowledge. I thought your video was so good that I have subscribed and look forward to other content. Many thanks, Great job.

  10. How much do you use 1/2 compared to 3/8 apart from a adaptor I don't have anything 3/8 I allways thought it was more for car mechanics maybe I need to get a set and give it a try

  11. I recently left the car mechanic world to Ag and my experience is obviously bigger sockets and wrenches but it’s mostly cordless electric! Never saw myself getting a 1/2 electric impact but always being on the move either in the field or even walking around a big combine or tractor not dragging an air hose is night and day.. added a locker on to my 84” epic to store some tool upgrades I needed.

  12. Was just talking to a coworker today, we only use about 20% of our tools, it’s really changed in the 35yrs I’m been doing this

  13. Retired now, but my rule on borrowing was I’ll help you out if I like you. However, no-one (and I mean NO-ONE!) goes in my boxes but me. I also afford everyone else the same courtesy. If you ask to borrow something 3 times then you need to buy your own, applies to me too. Then we’re all cool. :)

  14. I recently (6 Months ago) bought my first tool box which had tools in , for £350 (not sure in dollars) but it’s a start. I have since bought a three pack of Milwaukee Electric tools since it had more variety for the price of what I’d consider to be be the equivalent of one decent air impact. Which is a fair start for my journey. I’ve recently just lost my job due to COVID so I’m am really considering the transfer from automotive into Heavy / Plant. I’m not from a rich family , I’m the only one who’s really ever picked up a wrench. Due to my age I can go back to college and do another free year of education , would you recommend going and doing the course to improve my skill set or would it be better going into the field ? Any feed back would be appreciated if anyone actually sees this 🤷🏼‍♂️ ps ( buying the best you can afford is the best you can do in my opinion just don’t delve in too hard and make your financial situation unstable…

  15. How about a video for how to get started working for a heavy equipment company. My dad was a heavy equipment mechanic for 30+ years and I want to move in that direction cause it's good money and I already have some knowledge for it. I currently work on mid size/heavy duty diesel trucks. Great video by the way.

  16. I'm a mechanic 👨‍🔧, i repair cars, motorcycles, lawn movers, chainsaws, snow blovers, I do welding 👨‍🏭 as well, I work whit my brother, we work in our dads workshop. I repair my excavator and my ATV some Times as well. Keep Up The good work 👍,
    I like your videos. Greetings from Slovenia 🇸🇮. 🤠🔧🔩⚙️🛠️.

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