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When Should I Upgrade My Vehicle's Electrical System? | Car Audio Q & A | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject When Should I Upgrade My Vehicle's Electrical System? | Car Audio Q & A? Are you looking to see best car audio brand? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

When Should I Upgrade My Vehicle's Electrical System? | Car Audio Q & A | Latest information about hand tools.

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When Should I Upgrade My Vehicle's Electrical System? | Car Audio Q & A
When Should I Upgrade My Vehicle's Electrical System? | Car Audio Q & A

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Watch as Brendan and Allyn answer a few questions regarding when to upgrade your alternator,battery, and adding capacitors.

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  1. Why not show the brands now people will buy garbage caps atleast let us know the brand of the legit cap


  3. I just saw this vid barley .but these foos are yolad' up like a mf …no wonder my packing is lacking..

  4. Why is everyone saying that sonic electronix is a scam not to order from them..its all over facebook

  5. this is the list of capacitors they cut open in my opinion. cheapest one… POWER ACOUSTIK…. the slightly better one ROCKVILLE….. the best one ROCKFORD FOSGATE….. anybody else agree??????

  6. Why not an extra alternator or two if u have the room and Use one for starting and normal vehicle function and the other/s for stereo system exclusive and it’s battery/s and amps so that way if u bump up the voltage from 14.4 to 15.5 then your amps will actually give u more wattage.

  7. I’ve done the big 3 upgrade , stock alt and battery on my 07 Ford Expedition. One run of 0 gauge running a sundown sfb3000 watt amp to an x12v2 and a 4 gauge running a 1000 watt skar amp on my 4-6.5, 2 -8 and 4 tweeters which I’m running all of it to the max and pretty hard. Just running my voltage Is sitting at about 14.7 and don’t drop below 14 till max volume but if I keep driving the sub harder at max will drop low 12 which I don’t like. What would anyone suggest for my setup?. I imagine I have a high output stock alternator already cuz the voltage is very good at normal person volume. Haha! Not sure where I’m running out on my voltage kinda why I’m askin. Prolly could figure out myself just thought I’d see what yalll gots to say. I can’t push as hard at idle obviously which prolly means I need a alt upgrade. Let me know guys! Thanks!

  8. I have an 06 Scion xB that I just put a stereo system in I want to go bigger and better but I can't find the company that makes a high output alternator quality do you guys have any suggestions whom I should look for?

  9. New battery, new alternator, capacitor : 1k amp/sub lights still flicker. Is another battery the only option ?

  10. So happy I found you guys, what is a good amount of pot to smoke before I make a video about this stuff

  11. In order to calculate the amps your system is drawing, divide RMS watts by 12.7V. For example, a 1200 RMS Watts system will need about an extra 94.5 Amps. If your car is running only a 110 amps alternator, then for sure you will need at least a second battery and or alternator upgrade.

  12. Do Capacitors get old? For example I got a capacitor that’s a little over 10 years old that was hardly used. Would it still be good? It’s one of the good expensive brands so I’m wondering if it would still work good.

  13. well if you're saying what brand the GOOD one is then that's a GOOD thing to say about the company so why the hell would they be upset about that cmon

  14. If you're putting in a 1000+ watt RMS system in your car.Just to be safe…BEFORE you put in any audio equipment….Do this: Upgrade your battery,Buy a high output alternator, and do the big three upgrade.Might cost close to $600 just in parts…but worth it..you can't put a price on piece of mind.

  15. The sand is just a insulator even cardboard is a insulator in the capacitor..So let's not point out what they are made of do a actual test before you knock them off… Because even high quality amps used capacitor…..Put a system that underpower and a system with adequate power with cap on it and let see how more efficient the system running…Put it on a Dyno let's do the science not just talking with your opinion without physical evidence..Also include cheap and quality Caps… Check the amps for heat and current draw…Bet them cap improve the system all around the board….

  16. Pshhhh…. all you need is a Flex-Capacitor non of that regular cap junk. Get yourself a nice Flex-Capacitor and you good to go bump your 80s tunes all the way up and you might even time travel! Also a cap will work if your power consumption is slightly more than your alternation output when your system bumps, this way when you go slightly over your alt output the cap will cover that power draw. If your alternation is always outpowered then get a new high-output alt. You can actually measure the current draw when all of your electronics are on and figure out how many amps you need and get a slightly larger alternator. Remember, if you get a big ass alternator that means your engine is going to be working that much harder.

  17. I have a 1800 wat amp for highs and 1600 watt for bass a cap but my regular battery is old and all my speakers are compatible

  18. short answer, always if you go over 1000RMS not "music watts" or "max watt" and dont use caps use freakin battery, a cheap agm always does the best job. If you ask me exide maxxima 900 is still the best bang for your buck.
    and btw dont let you fool from stupid guys, you never pull 100% of the max amps what your amplifiers could use, it is more like 50 to 60%. so if your max draw of all amps in your car is 150amps you never use them on normal music. Mabye if you go to DBDRAG or some other shit but even there you never use 100% draw. so this is total BS.

  19. I'm an old man this day in age concerning car audio. Everyone that approaches me about my car audio setup, the first question they always ask is, "how big of a capacitor do you have?" I do not have one, and I will never use one. I tell them them that is just a band-aid that will kill their alternator. They look at me and treat me is disbelief. Despite me showing them what I have done. Christ these are people that don't understand ACC vs OFC, and the benefits.

  20. Any one wanna help me out i got a 2004 ford expedition and i use my battery alot too charge my phone, im looking to upgrade to 2 alternators and a extra battery

    Around how much would a proffesional install?

    I also got a 12 kicker and a amp, they ran well for a year my battery recently died i tjink because i was not letting the battery charge completely due to not using my suv more than twice a week for long distances

  21. I have 1500 watts total. I just replaced my 200 amp alternator with a new 155 amp and my bass doesn't seem to be as loud as before. (just done big 3, new battery,) is this the cause or is it all in my head??

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