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Which Jacks are RUBBISH and which Jacks are GOOD | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Which Jacks are RUBBISH and which Jacks are GOOD? Are you looking to see floor jack for lifted trucks? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Which Jacks are RUBBISH and which Jacks are GOOD | Newly updated garden tools for you.

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Which Jacks are RUBBISH and which Jacks are GOOD
Which Jacks are RUBBISH and which Jacks are GOOD

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Information related to the topic Which Jacks are RUBBISH and which Jacks are GOOD.

If you are in the unfortunate situation where you need to change a tyre on your beloved 4WD because you used a little too much “sendy send”, you’re going to need a way to lift your car. Here I do a review of factory jacks, high lift jacks, ARB Jack, and bottle jacks. Which one will I keep in my kit? Watch to the end to see a last minute spin on the subject. .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

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floor jack for lifted trucks

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  1. Good vid, was hunting for a new bottle jack love the oem 80 one similar to the gu one you showed! I didn’t realise they sold extendable bits. You’ve made my decision 👌🏽

  2. This one of the best & honest videos on Jacks I've ever seen. Great presentation & I thank you!

  3. My God you have no idea do you. How many years have you been teaching recovery ? The hi lift jack was never meant to jack a car for maintenance, it was meant to lift the car so you can push the car and jack to the side and move the car to the side..

  4. Good review of jacks. However, he would have torn his bumper off. Before jacking your car, check the owner's guide for where to place the jack!! The scissors jack he disdains was made for the frame jacking points on most cars.

  5. Yes the HiLift is dangerous you just have to pay attention. It has a place. For me and as you mentioned winching especially for the rear of the vehicle. I like the ARB but God sakes the cost I hope it's not made in China for that price.

  6. Nice video, could you tell me where you are getting the lifts for those? The camo one in particular. Thanks!

  7. I umm. . .Bought.A Ridge Ryder Caravan (60cm) Scissor Jack- socket – 1600Kg for 80 bucks from SCA. 😅

    I've never had to do an off road change yet.

    Doing brakes on the rear solid axil.
    *edit: i use a bottle on the chassis (but if this jack will power up i will use it). JAck untill there is enough droop on axil. Then put in safety stand.
    Then either get the second jack to lift the axil, or reuse the scissor. (very light and easy @ this point).

    I got the 60cm one from SCA because of the socket (so i can use power tool on it) + height.

    Allthough it's a mid 4wd not lifted 😅

    But i prefer to do that because on my stock *cough *cough terracan, my head is right under the tow bar frame when using a jack straight on the axel.

  8. The hydraulic bottle jack is the best I have tried. Once I put it under the strongest point underneath my Honda CRV, I lift it while by while, then I work under with the standing jacks on . The scissors jacks are the worst, once, the one I had, became bend under the cars. I was lucky to still have the tires on….

  9. with gu jack, cut the spinning handle off and chuck her in a cordless drill. easy up and down ! you've missed another jack, airbag jack. compact and all you need is compressed air which every 4wd will have

  10. when u r in a muddy situation the only way to lift your car is using either a hi-lift or hydraulic hi-lift, trust me you won't be able to get under the car.

  11. Wow. Someone’s getting kick backs from ARB. What do you mean it’s more stout and won’t go side to side. It’s the same thing as the dang hi lift. Still a pole and it still can go side to side. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. Sorry… but terrible video (like so many of these types of "training" videos on YouTube). Please folks, all of the jacks he is showing work. The notion that any one of the jacks in this video is either terrible or unsafe is totally due to the ignorance of the USER. That said, some of the jacks shown are better than others depending on the terrain under the jack, the accessories you use with the jack, and the purpose for use of the jack (its "utility" in the field). Better training:

  13. You didn’t cover the exhaust Jack it’s a smelly dirty tool but it’s handy. I like a small strong bottle jack to you can even drive off them if necessary getting some nice tight places. But I will always use a highlift Jack I’ve been using them for more than two decades and are safe enough as long as you know what you’re doing and give it to respect it deserves. I’ve even use the highlift Jack to pull someone’s steering wheel out of there chest in order to get them out of the rolled vehicle. The highlift Jack is a multi tool and comes with many accessories . Can be a lot safer to use with the right accessories in the right situations. The Arb Jack is a nice Jack, but it Has’s to be stored up right and with the fluid it’s not so good in freezing cold temperatures as I live in the Rocky Mountains in Canada I know it’s struggles in this situation. I like how effortless it lifts a vehicle however put in the conditions I put it in it’s not ideal.

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