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Which sawzall (reciprocating saw) blade is best? Let's find out! | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Which sawzall (reciprocating saw) blade is best? Let's find out!? Are you looking to see best metal cutting blade for oscillating tool? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Which sawzall (reciprocating saw) blade is best? Let's find out! | The Best Power Tools.

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Which sawzall (reciprocating saw) blade is best? Let's find out!
Which sawzall (reciprocating saw) blade is best? Let's find out!

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Which reciprocating saw blade is best for cutting steel? Let’s find out. In this video, I compare Makita, DeWalt, Warrior (Harbor Freight), Milwaukee, Diablo, Bosch, and EZARC. The blades were tested for speed and durability cutting both mild and hard steel. The Diablo, with carbide teeth, dominated the competition, winning in both speed and endurance. The SAWZALL blades to failure on hard steel. I purchased all the products I tested and I am not sponsored by any brand, company, retailer, etc. I provide unbiased, independent testing to determine which products are best to help out consumers.

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC ..

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best metal cutting blade for oscillating tool

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  1. Diablos have always served me well, I do like the harbor freight ones for small things like cutting nails out of boards and pallets.

  2. I've learned a few things from this channel, and my own experiences. DeWalt and Milwaukee tend to be similar in tool performance, while DeWalt tends to do it cheaper. DeWalt disposable products are not worth it. Diablo is expensive but worth it. 3M is the only sandpaper worth buying. And Mikita tends to be pricey and not the best performing, but they are the most honest about their claims.

  3. First off great video and demonstration, I love your demonstration creations! My only question is why are you comparing all base model blades except the Diablo? Before you even began the demonstration I could have told you that it would have beet out the others just based on the specs of the blade. It is the only thick metal blade with carbide teeth. I understand your also trying to show different price points but I would have mentioned then that a $13 blade yes is more expensive but also has twice the metal in it and the teeth are coated . So why not also use the Milwaukee thick metal blade as well? You can get a 3/pack for $29.99. Honest question – not trolling.

  4. This test really only tested metal cutting performance, the wood had no bearing on anything measured.
    What if I want a wood cutting comparison?

  5. I was expecting a test of all blade types, cutting into various materials – as I was lead to believe, by your title. I think your video deserves some updating, perhaps as a multi-part video series about which is the best sawzall type blade for cutting into various materials (wood, steel, aluminum, plastic,etc.). I especially enjoy when I see you including the more expensive and BIG Brand names compared to the lowest price brands. Love yur vids!

  6. Thanks for the video. I would have chose the diablo blade if it weren’t so costly. I went with Milwaukee, good price to performance of the blades.

  7. I know this is an old video but personally I like to buy the 9” Diablo 5 pack they aren’t the carbide ones and they’re still $4 and some cents canadian

  8. I like some of the older blades. They were thicker. Some are so thin they vibrate & twist in my saw. I use a Kobalt with a wire hoop shoe. Bought this thing when I was working for a company that installed door strikes. The hoop design did less scratching on the door frames. Yeah, any dewalt blades I've tried, the paint peels off. Bosch does good if you keep them cool, don't go too fast. Milwaukee blades snap easily. We used to snap right many at work.

  9. Would love to see this same test done with the wood cutting blades. As a remodeling contractor I am usually doing wood cutting and some teeth designs are really unique making for an interesting comparison. These bi metal blades in this video also varied in teeth design. I’ve used them all except for the cheapest 2. I always found diablo and Milwaukee to be the best. Dewalt is pretty good too. Thanks for this video!

  10. How do u know what kind of metal u are cutting? I want to keep both the expensive good and cheap but ok blades and to use the right blade to cut in order to not ruin one.

  11. If it says Swiss made its Bosch….This is tough to test because there are so many different types and grades of blades. Interesting Diablo and Bosch tested so different….that didn’t look like the comparable Bosch blade to the Diablo blade. Swiss made blades are the best.

  12. Diablo always shows up to work.. Milwaukee has another new blade in the Torch line I have not used it, but hear good things

  13. Nice test! The one blade that I found works the best and I use is called a lennox arc bi metal blade.

  14. I just had to consult this video before I order sawzall blades… Love the magnet in the bag trick!

  15. Dang, your electric bill must be so high! You should test different levels, see which is the most accurate and is built the best and whatnot

  16. Damn. Those Diablo blades really are the best. I saw VCG cut an I beam top to bottom using this blade on the Super Sawzall using only a 3ah battery and it's been on my radar ever since. Seeing how I just bought the Super Sawzall….yeah….I'll be picking some of these up

  17. The tests were great and all but what really made this video awesome was the magnet and ziploc trick

  18. While I agree with 99% of PFs testing methods I just don't agree with the method here. You cannot compare an 8 tooth per inch Diablo blade with another brands 14/18 tooth blade. It's apples to oranges. The Diablo was designed for thick metal and Milwaukee was for Thin Kerf. The test did prove Warrior blades couldn't cut a fart.

  19. Ok this is the 1st test I have seen that needs to be Re -Ran The MOST important Factor when selecting a bi metal blade, is to match the TPI to the Material thickness! (also selecting the speed) If you look at ANY bandsaw or recipsaw blade chart, Manufacturers will tell you what tooth blade, for a certain thickness of metal. This test is pitting 18th, 14th, and even 8th against each other on what appears to be 7/16 or 1/2" thick steel! That is completely wrong . (Except for the 8th carbide.) The 14th would be the closest one to what the blade manufacturers would recommend. Too bad there was only 1 and it was Chinese. Depending on speed, 18tooth is for 1/16-1/8" steel. Depending on speed, 14tooth is for 1/8-1/4" thick steel see what I mean ? 24 tpi is for sheetmetal generally. On a hand driven saw like a hacksaw 24th can be used on a thicker metal because its going so much slower. It would be great to get the right blade TPI for the material thickness, and All the same TPI, and the correct speed approximately, and test. Carbide blades are completely separate and will always outlast bi metal. I am just trying to make this a fair and "scientific" test.

  20. Definitely a cut above. I use the Diablo, Dewalt and Bosch and have found the Diablo realy good, but the high price is questionable on the return. Dewalt has been hit and miss while Bosch I have found decent success.
    Thanks for another informative vid.

  21. My 2nd time watching die to the fact that I need some new sawzall blades for some carport work. Your video made my choice easy since I'm not a contractor. Thanks.

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