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Why is my oil light flashing while driving? | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best.

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Why is my oil light flashing while driving?
Why is my oil light flashing while driving?

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I drive 2005 Acura TSX and I usually put full synthetic oil in it. I typically drive it about 10,000 miles before change out. And occasionally towards the 8k-9k mark, my oil light starts to flicker or flash. And this is why I wanted to record and let everyone else know why their oil light might be flashing while driving? For me, it usually means that the oil is low and need to be topped off.

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What does it mean when oil light is flashing? ..

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  1. I put oil in mine cause my light came on. And it went away for a little bit havent drove it much maybe 10 miles since then and my light flashes now i checked the oil its fine. But i bought it from someone and they said it was changed recently thats definitely not true. I went to try to get it changed and the oil drain plug is stripped vavoline couldnt get it off. I need advise i just put all my money into this car and i wanna know if i can just find a way to change the oil and hopefully the light dont come back on

  2. When I turn on the car and not the engine it comes on. What does it mean?
    I had the oil changed just about a month ago too.

  3. Thanks a lot, 2001 Honda Accord needs oil change but I have to wait till Friday 🤣💪🏾… Will be Adding Oil until I change it💯

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