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Winter Survival Shelter – Firewood processing and snow preparations | List of best garden tools

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Winter Survival Shelter – Firewood processing and snow preparations | List of best hand tools for you.

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Winter Survival Shelter – Firewood processing and snow preparations

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I was pretty exited to head up to the survival shelter this past weekend, I could see the surrounding mountains had what looked like a decent blanket of snow on their tops. Unfortunately as I got closer to the shelter range I realized that the snow line was probably 1000 ft higher than the survival shelter location.

The lack of snow provided me with a good opportunity to finish up on some vital preps. I know from past experiences that the last chore I want to do at the end of a challenging all uphill snow hike is find wood and process it.

I am sure there will be more systems tweaking as I get further into the snow season.

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  1. I like the tarp on the inside almost like insulation and the temporary cover over the fire makes a whole lotta sense!

  2. Just curios but how come your wearing a bullet proof vest in the middle of no where?

  3. Not to mention, without chinking, the wind WILL find a way thru the flanks of your shelter.

  4. Better to put Moss on the side walls to hide the pattern of logs. Nature doesn't do that. 👍

  5. The amazing Silky Saw looked broken to me at 4:47. Look at the blade, it's hyper extended lol. Tsk tsk tsk. A few seconds later it's back where it should be. That doesn't seem dependable or durable to me.

  6. Very well done! How do you make sure that no ill will people come by and damage this beautiful work of yours?

  7. What about bears how does he protect him self from them . has he a gun .I cannot see one.

  8. If ive got a spot i plan to do much cutting, ill cut notches into two logs to help hold steady the logs ill be cutting.

  9. If you cut so many trees in Korea without permission, you will go to prison. You live in a good country where you can cut down trees at will.

  10. Love the shelter also awesome your carrying bout the only one in these Bush craft guys that only have like a axes or knife for protection, you got common sense about protecting yourself. Keep it up

  11. Looks great the way things are going now we all better get outside and make hide outs

  12. My favorite saw for cutting the wood you were cutting is my Stihl ms – 181cbe. Light, fuel efficient and capable of cutting up to 12/inch logs, pretty easily.

  13. I hate fining vids like this. 1.7 MILLLION VIEWS and this poor fellow outdoor nerd has 55k subs. I mean seriously youtube give this guy some LOVE!

  14. Where the gate.i dont understand
    Most ffokes make it where you can stand up have fire pit in centet.closeing door.or gate.dont mean to be judgemental. But all that work and your not by your fire.and still exlosed.stay warm

  15. Don't know how this popped up in my feed…But dying laughing. Running a plate carrier with no plate, while doing manual labor. F'in lol. Thanks.

  16. Looks cool but that fire is not going to blend in with anything- holy crap you saw fast lol🤘

  17. Your plastic would be better draped over on the outside. You'd gain room and less chance of rain water sagging the plastic.
    I prefer to dig into the ground, its warmer. I use heavy grade clear plastic from home depot, logs for flor, topped with 4×8 plywood. 2×4 A frame, more plywood . Then tar the A frame and stick more plastic to the tar.
    This is a bad description of how I do it. But its late here.
    I use mine a lot in winter. I like autumn and winter camping best. No bugs….Mosquito's are bad, black flies are worse in summer camping.
    Plus winter, there is no unbearable heat.
    I leave my home made wood burning stove in the 3 get of floor space I don't use for sleeping ( I'm just a bit over 5 feet tall.) My sleeping bag goes on a sheet of Styrofoam. On top of Styrofoam is the survival aluminum blanket.
    This shelter will last 10 years with yearly maintenance.



  18. it`s good, to survive, especially, when we think, what Prophets like Alios Irlmaier said…(but he es eventually not a true prophet)….But we can sure, that all this will happen to ALL CREATION, where we have informations about through Revelation of /through Johannes of Patmos * BE HAPPY

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