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Wood Screws Vs Lag Bolts On Installing a Vice | Fasteners 101 | List of the Best Power Tools

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Wood Screws Vs Lag Bolts On Installing a Vice | Fasteners 101 | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Wood Screws Vs Lag Bolts On Installing a Vice | Fasteners 101
Wood Screws Vs Lag Bolts On Installing a Vice | Fasteners 101

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When installing something, such as a vice, in wood it pays to use lag bolts over wood screws or even other bolts with nuts. It’s generally a simpler install without the need for additional hardware beyond a washer to keep your installed vice or object secure.

However, a lag bolt and wood screw ae not quite the same thing. A few questions about this came up in our previous Vice Install video that our fastener specialist wanted to clear up.

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  1. Correction: you can "take out" a lag screw (just unscrew it), but what you meant is you want be able to "pull it out" (that easily) — there is a difference in that choice of words.

  2. Nut and bolt to affix a vice to a table, screws will always come lose, all the pounding and forces on the vice, threads will get pulled right out of wood.

  3. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for clarifying this for me… I was SO LOST! I'm glad that this is the first video which popped up for me when I searched.

  4. I plan to use lag bolts to secure my vise and bench grinder to a railroad tie, since I do not have a heavy duty work bench. Railroad ties weigh on average 200 lbs and a railroad tie is only $19 at Menards. I think that should give me leverage when I'm working on stuff.

  5. Usually the head of the screw will get stripped out before I get in,l can use a ratchet to get a lag bolt through the stud no problem

  6. Would you recommend this method on other wood types, such as fir, hemlock, pine or whitewood?
    Same also for other competing fasteners – spax powerlags or ledgerloks, would you recommend either of those (when securing all the way into the frame and not just the bench top) in place of standard lag bolts in such an application?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. I am securing a 2×8 board to a load bearing 4×4 post. I have pointed tipped 6" hex lag screws. Do I need to use a washer and nut on this with a longer lag screw?

  8. HOW did you do this video with a straight face??? Anyone who asks this question has no business being near any mechanical fastener besides scotch tape.

    Provided they’re wearing eye protection cause they’d surely stick their eyes closed … if they haven’t already

  9. Does a lag bolt have to go into a stud when putting up a ledger board for a patio roof over a sliding glass door on a stucco house?

  10. vedios are intended to show rather than talk
    l would read any essay about if i looked for talking

  11. Why have 20 people "disliked" the video? The guy made a simple explanation. Lag Bolt vs Wood Screw. Can't understand the dislikes.

  12. How big of a factor is length when it comes to using lag bolts? Is the strength of the lag bolts significantly lower on a 2” bolt vs. a 3.5” bolt?

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