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Workshop Lighting / LED Shop Lights | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

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Workshop Lighting / LED Shop Lights | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Workshop Lighting / LED Shop Lights
Workshop Lighting / LED Shop Lights

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Workshop lighting is often overlooked but is very important to all aspects of woodworking’ by adding more light that is daylight equivalent you can change the whole look and feel of your shop and LED shop lights are one way of doing this because they economical to operated and last a long time and will probably not even add much to the power draw of your shop. Led lights are also the best garage lighting you can get.

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  1. I do always like your videos, also this time:-)
    Unfortunately is your information not totally correct, the Kelvin has nothing to do on how true colors are presented. To get true colors, you have to look at its RA value, that goes up to 100% but the best you can bye is about 96%, everything above 91% is okay but 95%+ is what you shall look for if you want to work with paint, stains or die. :-)

  2. I have been earning a living practicing most aspects of wood work from 1971 when I started my apprenticeship. In my opinion (for what it's worth), this man and the information he passes on is the the best optimal quality on YouTube.

  3. My experience tells me that in LED lighting, 3000k is bright white and one that shows the closest to true color…. not yellow at all. 2700k is softer in tone and can look yellowish. 5000k is daylight and resembles fluorescent lighting.

  4. Fantastically informative video again Colin thank you.
    One thing I remember from my apprentice electrician days (long long time ago) that many people may not realise is that fluorescent tubes actually have a stroboscopic effect. This is why you should never use a single tube to illuminate a machine with moving parts like a lathe etc as at certain speeds it can actually appear stationary. If you use two tubes they cancel each other’s stroboscopic effect out. Obviously this is irrelevant if you’re using tungsten or led lamps but just thought I’d mention it for the benefit of others.
    Thanks again.

  5. Anybody ever change the nylon pads under your table saw fence, I have a shop fox fence that's not that old and they are all grooved up

  6. 👍 I do more grading and inspection of lumber than actual woodworking. Whenever I have to grade a lot of Birdseye or Flame Sugar Maple, starting with optimal shop lighting makes it exponentially easier. Otherwise, you have to be pretty much walk the length of the board to get an accurate assessment of figure. Good lighting is a huge timesaver. 🕰

  7. great job, lots of info, ill probably have to watch it several times to get it to all soak in

  8. I have found the older I get, the more important lighting is (even in our home). Thank you for your videos, Colin., I always learn something.

  9. Thanks Collin, I guess I'll keep at least 1 "daylight" lamp in the shop. I don't like working under that color light most of the time – oddly, I find it feels "cold" to me lol

  10. In a future video you will have to let us know how they go with workshop dust in all those cut aways.

  11. Thank you sir! I was actually wondering why some of my bulbs are yellower in tone.

    I will add that as a new wood worker working in open air area w/ the full time job during the days… I end up honing my craft in the evening. The shadow created on the line side of a ruler is treacherous. My next table top upgrade is going to have: slightly off set of tabletop / meticulously placed strips of 5050 12v Led's. Trim-able, easy to move or,. remove and replace, Magnificent White light @ line level.

  12. As a photographer and fly tier color is very important to me. For years I used expensive true daylight fluorescent bulbs. I sure wish LEDs were available to me then as it would have saved a lot of money on builds and electricity. By the way, if you are really concerned about true color, the color of your wok environment, especially of large area like walls and drapes, is also critical. My wife has long been critical of the
    18percent true grey I use in my work area.

  13. I dislike soft white light bulbs with the yellowish light. I converted our whole house plus the garage/shop to 5500 K daylight LED lighting.

  14. Colin! I just looked up the CRI on one of those lights from Sansi and it only has an 80. Try to get a higher number, like 90.

  15. Great informative vid. I do find however that I am the biggest problem to lighting in that my shadow gets in the way. This is especially the case with fine pencil lines. Do you have any advice?

  16. I replaced all my overhead tube florescent with 6000K Toggle brand LEDs. You have to rewire the hood to eliminate the ballast (direct wire), but it was the best thing I've done for shop usability. Looking at the windows from the outside it looks like there's a supernova going off in there, but I love it! Great info!

  17. Very good info Colin on an area that needs addressing in my work shop.
    Cheers, Bram

  18. I'll be building a water-cooled LED lighting system once I finish my new shop. It'll dump the waste heat from the LED chips outside in the summer and in the winter I'll move a valve and switch and it'll dump the heat inside. I'm surprised nobody seems to be doing this. Aside from being more efficient, the lights will be a fraction of the height of regular ones and they'll last longer since they'll run cooler. In a house, one could use such a setup to dump waste heat into a water heater.

  19. You cleared up a few issues for me with this video. Since LEDs have become more popular, I have been changing all my bulbs in the house over to LED.Thank you for doing this video!

  20. I try to not buy from people that only make something once then never have parts for it. I had a floor lamp & when the bulb went out I find that bulbs that fit that lamp out of production

  21. Great video Collin!  I found this to be a very interesting topic which I can use in my shop (garage).

  22. Good information. A follow up covering photography lighting may also be helpful for those of us who sell our bowls, vases, pens, etc. on line.

  23. I'm also a professional photographer/videographer and it has helped me in many aspects of my life as well. Love my 5500k lights! My most common tip for anyone asking me how to take good photos outdoors is to take them on a cloudy day, for the nice soft diffused light.

  24. I switched from T-8 florescent over to strips of 5600K leds (for which a steel stud is an excellent housing!). I ended up with about the same number of lumens, but the color temp is more consistent and I don't have to wait 20 min for full brightness in the middle of winter! I also have those same awful umbrella stands. I have got to find a way to get rid of them, but I'm addicted to having gobs of light. I run the video setup even when I'm just working alone in the shop :)

  25. Started converting my garage over to 5000K LED lights. I want to see how they perform in a Wisconsin winter before I go all in.

  26. Thank you for this, I need to upgrade my garage lighting and this was a big help. I love all your videos, so thank you for everything. I'm new and I'm learning a lot from you. :D

  27. Great job, it is hard to describe light and the subtleties of different lights, you did so very well. Thank you.

  28. Good morning from Cochrane, ON. What type of light fixture are you using? I like the idea of several swivel lights whether woodworking or any other activities that require good light. I enjoy your videos and find them very informative.

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