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XS POWER BATTERIES – 6 Reasons Why they are THE BEST! – D3100 | D3400 | D3400R | D6500 | XP3000 | Best hand-held repair tools

Are you searching for the subject XS POWER BATTERIES – 6 Reasons Why they are THE BEST! – D3100 | D3400 | D3400R | D6500 | XP3000? Are you looking to see best car audio battery? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

XS POWER BATTERIES – 6 Reasons Why they are THE BEST! – D3100 | D3400 | D3400R | D6500 | XP3000 | Latest information about hand tools.

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XS POWER BATTERIES - 6 Reasons Why they are THE BEST! - D3100 | D3400 | D3400R | D6500 | XP3000
XS POWER BATTERIES – 6 Reasons Why they are THE BEST! – D3100 | D3400 | D3400R | D6500 | XP3000

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Reasons on Why you should choose XS POWER !

Why XS power? 1. Highest Quality & Most Power – XS Power is able to provide the most powerful batteries by: A. Using 99.99% pure, non-recycled lead. B. Using the thinnest lead plates to maximize as much surface area as possible and combining it with the heaviest duty internal bussing on the market.

2. Largest Selection – XS power has a replacement for almost everything out there; 99% of the time they have you covered! They also have a direct replacement figment guide that they’re constantly updating to make it easier than ever for you to know what battery you need for your vehicle.

3. Unbeatable Warranties – Not that you’re ever going to need it since they use top-of-the-line materials, BUT they offer a no-hassle/hassle-free replacement warranty.

4. Event Supporting – XS power attends / sponsors a multitude of events each year. Car Audio, Off-Roading, Racing, Boating and more!

5. Leader in Innovation- XS power is constantly pushing the envelope in new technology, such as the recent development of the TITAN8 Lithium line.

6. A Mature Company – XS power has been in business for over 15 years, so you know they aren’t going anywhere like some of these other fly-by-night, pop-up battery shops.







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  1. Love your content got a question I have a 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0 Turbo and I'm trying to replace the factory battery and so far the only one that I can find that I can replace it with is to Optima Yellow top hd6 is there any xs battery thats the same dimensions as the Optima that I can put as a factory replacement

  2. Do u think the
    XS Power D7500 12V AGM Battery (Max Amps 6,000A, CA: 1700, Ah: 140 …
    Will fit in my 2006 chrysler 300 it looks like it might be 1 inch too tall to fit in the trunk where my Battery is located??

  3. It took me an extra second to remember he was talking about "XS Power" and not recommending "excess power" batteries. lol. I worried for a few seconds that maybe I should upgrade from the XS Power battery I already have!

  4. I recently purchased a D4900 for my Main and a D4700 for Auxillary for my 2013 Camaro SS. I'm running a Wolfram 3K monoblock to 2 Wolfram AG-12s, a Wolfram W-125 4channel to 4 Kicker 150w 6x9s and 2 Cerwin Vega 6" component speakers, with 320 AMP HO alternator from US Alternators. WOW!!! Huge difference. Had no idea something as simple as a battery swap could make my system so much louder. Actually scared me a little haha.

  5. Show me the internals of this battery compared to those that you buy, say, at Sears, or O'Rielly's. Just because it has some alluring logo does not make it a good battery. There are only so many ways batteries are made. what makes this one so exceptional? Talking about it and claiming it uses pure lead and not recycled means nothing. Spare the hype and show me a test as to why I should spend $340 on a XS battery when the average one cost less than $100. XS or BS? I wonder.

  6. My d4800 left me stranded today. I installed it in November 2019. What would make it just go out? I got a jump and drove home about 5 minutes shut the car off and cranked it back up ( acted like it was struggling) so I installed the original battery. Any help would be appreciated. I charged it up to 14.4 volts but then it went down to 11 volts with nothing hooked up

  7. JP, When you place the brass terminals on the new battery, would you suggest some "Three in One Oil" just couple drops so there are no issues removing them if you ever have to do so? I also bought some NCP2 Anti-Corrosion Protectant to apply and I bought the XS-Power Heat-Wrap Insulator kit just as an additional protectant for the battery from the massive heat under the hood in engine compartment. I also ordered the 1215 Intellicharger. I appreciate your help. If I get into a sound-system that is around 5K watts, I need to see what kind of Mechmann alternator I might need as well as if I will need an additional XS-battery such as the 3100 you showed in addition to my D3400R. I appreciate it if you are able to respond at your convenience. -Mainly wondering about the terminal concern. Thanks. Great video!!

  8. How many batteries would I need to supply a 12000 watts system. I want to push 2 taramp 5000s and would like to keep the voltage at 14.8v. Would someone be able to help my figure out how much batteries I will need?

  9. Hey Jonathan, I'm looking to put 2 skar zvx 18 on the RP 4500.1d. My vehicle is an 08 Tiburon and I cannot find anyone who makes a high output alternator for my car. I have the big 4 done with 0awg wire and ran back to hatch. The question is, do you know of a reliable company who might make a ho alternator. If not how many d3100s will I need? My stock alt puts out 90 amp.

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